There Is Art In Flipping The Pages With Montblanc

Montblanc celebrates The Library Spirit with true fervour

In a world where digital communication often overshadows the tactile pleasure of holding a pen and feeling the texture of paper, it seems our very connection to literature has dwindled in favour of touchscreens and Note apps, and the very act of reading and borrowing has shifted from pages to pixels. But even so, the world’s greatest libraries have lived on, holding its ground as the birthplace of knowledge, a meeting of cultures and a stronghold of human history. Arguably the greatest invention of all time, writing is a power that binds, connects and transcends citizens from far-flung epochs and books are the very proof of our communal spirit and agency.

Through the wrinkled spines and dog-eared pages, Montblanc knows all too well that books have and will continue to lay the very foundation of our societies—afterall, the best ideas come from pen and paper. Recognising the act of writing as a journey into uncharted territories, the German house is not one to rest on its laurels. Montblanc’s The Library Spirit campaign comes as a commitment to fostering a love for literature, and the treasured spaces across the world that continue to promise enrichment through the written word. 

That’s precisely why Montblanc, a name synonymous with time-honoured craftsmanship and timeless elegance, has chosen to honour the world’s greatest libraries. From the grand London Library to the Sunke Villa in Shanghai, the multi-chapter campaign represents a rekindling of the brand’s core ethos, centred around the idea of creative freedom in writing and the preservation of literature as a treasured art form to rekindle our appreciation for the craft and it’s homespaces.

The Library Spirit campaign is more than just a marketing initiative; it’s a commitment to savouring the meeting of form and function in Montblanc’s icons—from the StarWalker SpaceBlue fountain pen, to the 142 Bag in Fern Blue and Compact Envelope from the Extreme 3.0 collection, each piece comes as a trusted companion on the voyage into the literary world for those who appreciate the cherished art of writing and the art of life. These accessories are more than mere objects; they are tools for self-expression.

It is this dedication to preserving the act of putting pen to paper, of pouring one’s thoughts onto the blank page, that propels the maison into a stratosphere of its own when it comes to its leather goods. Each piece is crafted with the design and performance capabilities to unleash the maximum creative potential of analogue prose. The sumptuous hand feel of the geometric printed leather and Bauhaus inspired style of the Extreme 3.0 collection results in a range of carefully considered carryalls that simply rides with the passage of time to age gracefully with its owner, a testament to the enduring design sensibilities of Artistic Director Marco Tomasetta.

As we grow to be a population that craves instant gratification and convenience, The Library Spirit is a reminder that writing is more than just a means of communication; it’s a way to preserve our thoughts, emotions, and stories. It’s an art, and Montblanc celebrates it with true fervour.

Photography CHEE WEI


Hair & Makeup AUNG KENG


Fashion Coordinator MANFRED LU

Styling Assistant OEY RATCHADA