Max Mara’s Roblox Game Lets You Go On A Glamorous Adventure

It’s the only place where you’ll find a roller coaster lined with Max Mara coats
Max Mara Coats Adventure is the first Roblox game launched by the Italian fashion brand
Max Mara Coats Adventure is the first Roblox game launched by the Italian fashion brand

Max Mara is the latest luxury player in the virtual gaming space. The Italian fashion brand has launched its very own game on Roblox, the popular online platform and metaverse filled with Lego-like 3D avatars. Max Mara Coats Adventure, as the new game is called, is a digital world where Roblox players can run, jump and ride a rollercoaster that transports the brand’s 101801 coats. 

The game, made in collaboration with Milanese game design studio We Are Muesli and the London-based company Poptropica LTD, is meant to be as educational as it is immersive. Luigi Maramotti, the chairman of Max Mara Fashion Group, expressed in a statement, “Let’s say that gaming becomes a gateway, it becomes a tool to be able to dialogue with a generation that certainly in that part of their lives has a proximity to gaming, as well as a learning system.” 

The roller coaster in Max Mara’s virtual world is lined with the brand’s 101801 coats

Maramotti is a fan of the rollercoaster in particular, but there is a lot more to explore on Max Mara Coats Adventure. There’s the Pattern Lab, a teddy-bear-filled tailoring workshop where Roblox players can create new clothing items for their avatars by solving puzzles. There’s the Color Parkour, where they can run and jump to unlock signature Max Mara colours to customise their clothes with. And there’s the WunderKammer, a maze-like space where Roblox players can assemble parts to create their own “Daimon”, a virtual pet to accompany their avatars.

The digital game is filled with teddy bears as a nod to Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Coat

There’s much more to discover in Max Mara’s virtual world. According to its Roblox page, the game contains “secrets hidden within and around the whimsical Button Buildings.” 

So far, Max Mara Coats Adventure has been visited over 156,000 times, pointing to its appeal among the Roblox community. And with Max Mara’s chic, cashmere coats thrown in, it’s sure to appeal to the fashion crowd too.