By Tracy Chong

LoveShackFancy: 5 Reasons To Indulge In Its Vintage Romance

For all the dreamers
The storefront of LoveShackFancy, with founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen and her two daughters. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

The world today is undergoing rapid shifts in every industry, from technology to politics, and these changes are also reflected in the fashion world—either with ultra-maximalist styles to signify disorder and disruption or, on the other end of the spectrum, with extreme minimalism as a coping mechanism to all the external chaos. This makes LoveShackFancy increasingly relevant in this age of volatility, as it offers a dreamy and more romantic take, one that caters to modern escapist fantasies in a softer way.

Here are five reasons to keep this brand on your radar.

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1. It celebrates femininity

Too often women are not taken seriously when they embrace their feminine side. LoveShackFancy encourages women to be authentically feminine, and romanticise loving themselves for who they are. Instead of sticking to a single aesthetic, its designs range from cottagecore to Barbiecore. Since the brand’s inception in 2013, LoveShackFancy is widely recognised for its exquisite vintage-inspired florals and pastel flair, providing a safe haven for women from all walks of life.

2. The brand’s founder and creative director, Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Rebecca Hessel Cohen. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

Being a true romantic at heart, Rebecca wants everyone to feel inspired when they enter her stores. She mentions that “when someone walks into our stores, we want them to feel like they’re in a fairytale coming to life. We want them to feel excited, empowered, and ready to dress up. It’s a total girl world and we want it to be a truly magical experience for everyone who comes through.”

3. Its stores are romantic wonderlands

LoveShackFancy’s store in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

When one steps into a LoveShackFancy store, they will be greeted with dangling roses and tumbling wisteria, threadbare lace curtains, multiple layers of textures and textiles, and antique chandeliers, reminiscent of an perfectly imperfect 17th century wonderland. The shop is also filled with treasures that Rebecca found on her travels, including an antique Armoire and a one-of-a-kind hand-painted table, making each store unique to its location.

LoveShackFancy’s store in Coconut Grove, Florida. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

4. It engages in sustainable practices

LoveShackFancy aims to reuse its scrap fabrics by incorporating them into limited edition bags and bracelets, reducing the amount of textile waste. The brand is currently working with its partners to use vegetable dyes or dyes from natural waste, and organic fabrics for its clothes. Additionally, a majority of its products are shipped with biodegradable polybags, which reduces pollution and ecological harm.

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5. It frequently launches diverse collaborations

LoveShackFancy X Bandier collection launched in 2020. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

All while keeping to its USP, LoveShackFancy welcomes various collaborations with a wide range of brands, from Bandier and Target, to Larroude and even BelliWelli. This increases the diversity of its clothing range and designs, appealing to long-time LoveShackFancy fans and newcomers alike. For Rebecca, collaborations offer a platform for her brand to balance between exclusivity and hype, while introducing her unabashed femininity to a broad spectrum of products like activewear and shoes.

LoveShackFancy X Target launched in 2020. Photo: Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

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