By Carlyn Soo

Experience Parisian Living At Longchamp’s New Boutique Concept At ION Orchard

Step inside Longchamp’s refreshed store, which evokes a cosy Paris apartment

What if you could get a taste of Parisian living without needing to catch a plane to the City of Light? Just picture yourself in a Haussmann apartment surrounded by ornate chandeliers, antique mirrors, well-stocked book shelves and luxurious armchairs. Now, you can indulge in this fantasy at Longchamp’s new boutique concept nestled within ION Orchard, which evokes the warm familiarity of entering a friend’s cosy Parisian abode. In this refreshed store, every corner holds a story waiting to be discovered, inviting you to immerse yourself not only in the quintessential romance of Parisian living but also Longchamp’s heritage and savoir-fare. 

The apartment is meticulously decorated to reflect the codes and values of Longchamp. This is aptly demonstrated through the use of colour: hints of dark green bring to mind tradition and authenticity while bursts of vibrant light green evokes exuberance and modernity. Just like a private apartment, each corner of the boutique holds a special ambience. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a charming welcome area adorned with a wooden workshop table and towering bookshelves that showcase the latest leather goods and accessories of the season. What really catches the eye is the unusual presentation of products: purses are nestled in a fruit basket, while wallets rest on lacquered trays reminiscent of Parisian bistro chairs.

Continuing on, the lounge area is decorated with vintage-style furniture of cosy rugs and comfortable chairs, inviting you to make yourself at home as you marvel at fascinating displays of flea-market finds and commission pieces. In line with its popularity, the Le Pliage collection has its own unique space: a “library” wall painted in shades of green that is synonymous to Longchamp, behind which the bags are neatly arranged in niches according to their colour and size. 

Experience Parisian living today by visiting the refreshed Longchamp store (#03-21) at ION Orchard.

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