By Benjamin Judd

A New Dawn Begins At Italian Luxury Brand Ferragamo

The campaign shines a spotlight on Davis' vision for Ferragamo
Photo: Courtesy of Ferragamo

The message at Ferragamo is clear: it’s a new dawn for the Italian luxury brand as creative director Maximilian Davis continues his revolution of the brand with their latest campaign for the Ferragamo Spring Summer 2023, aptly titled A New Dawn.

The same title given to the debut collection released by Davis back in 2022, the campaign shines a spotlight on what Davis’ vision for Ferragamo is and the new codes that he is building for the house. Stripped back of any pretence, focusing instead on the simple luxury of clothing designed with precision, with ease and sensuality in mind.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ferragamo

Shot by Rafael Pavarotti, the campaign is visually stark yet textually rich: models stand against a backdrop of signature Salvatore Ferragamo red wearing key pieces, both men’s and women’s, from the New Dawn collection. Even in this minimal arrangement, the sense of opulence in Davis’ designs is elegantly conveyed.

When Davis revealed his debut collection for the near-100-year-old Italian brand back in September last year, he became the latest in a series of emerging designers to be picked by established fashion houses to carry their brand into the future. First step was the changing of the name, along with the change of guard. Gone was the Salvatore, replaced with the streamlined Ferragamo.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ferragamo

Second, was the introduction of a very specific shade of red – Ferragamo red, from hereon-in.

Taking place on a runway covered in hand-dyed bright red sand, Davis delivered a collection that spoke to the heritage of Ferragamo while translating that for a contemporary audience.

Soft leathers, suede and modern tailoring were the building blocks for the new look for Ferragamo. A new sense of playfulness also found its way into the collection via surprising uses of key materials: a leather suit, a sheer dégradé sunset-dyed cocktail dress for her and matching shirt for him.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ferragamo

This article originally appeared on GRAZIA INTERNATIONAL.

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