Clarks Kicks It Back With the Doubly Iconic Torhill

Clarks presents the Torhill as worn by the SEA Clarks Collective; a new classic that combines the best of the iconic Wallabee and the 90s-born Big Gripper

In partnership with Clarks

What makes fashion iconic? Is it about having a long-standing resistance towards the tides of trends? Or is it the mark of a unique, stand-out quality that gives said person or object an undeniable presence, no matter the fashion climate or landscape?

At Clarks, having a 200-year long history in itself is iconic. The power of influence and originality has always been on their side, their heritage embraced and taken in their stride as the brand constantly reinvents its offerings on their own terms of style. Since movement begets movement, the production of the newest icons by one of the leading innovators of premium footwear should come as no surprise — introducing the Torhill.

What makes the Torhill a statement-maker is not about it being a direct extension of their icon-making know-how. It meshes two existing cultural icons borne straight out of the brand’s repertoire together — the Wallabee and Big Gripper. The Wallabee is one of hip-hop’s unsung heroes, the shoe’s standing in fashion famously tied to Wu-Tang Clan’s well-known loyalty towards the iconic silhouette. They even rapped about it in song “Gravel Pit”, Clarks subsequently being waxed lyrical by the likes of Foxy Brown in Nas’ “Affirmative Action”, Slick Rick on “Frozen” and Method Man’s own “If Time Is Money”. It even appeared on the cover of Ghostface Killah’s 1996 “Ironman” album and is mentioned in the rapper’s 2008 album “Wallabee Champ” — if this is not proof enough of the shoe’s status, the Torhill’s entry into the fashion conversation today will.

Combine this nostalgic silhouette with the Big Gripper’s thick, ribbed sole that’s not only hot across genders now but made with contemporary comfort features in mind — making use of a removable, moulded and leather Contour Cushion footbed to underpin each step with pillowy support and a durable, grippy thermoplastic rubber outsole with EVA filler for lightweight traction— and you get a timely and timeless addition to the constantly expanding Y2K style vocabulary today.

Versatility is what icons bring to all closets, and that malleability in style nuance is felt through all the three variations of the Torhill family: the Torhill Bee, Torhill Maple, Torhill Hi and Torhill Lo, worn here in the brand’s For the World Ahead Autumn Winter 2023 campaign by the SEA Clarks Collective: Glenn Yong of Singapore, Daiyan Trisha of Malaysia, Kerwin King of the Philippines, Fathia Izzati of Indonesia, and Khánh Vy Trần of Vietnam. All were specially selected for championing the importance of mental health, career focus, and self-care while embodying the unbridled self-expression and authenticity the Torhill encourages.

In particular, Glenn Yong, Singapore’s rising star, takes his influence to a higher purpose by serving as Singapore Cancer Society’s youngest goodwill ambassador, advocating for awareness, support, and access to essential resources for patients and their families. Being active in acting and singing is not his only calling; Glenn finds it imperative to devote his passion into empowering and inspiring the younger generation to become agents of positive change, fostering a sense of social responsibility and a dedication to making the world a better place. This is perhaps why the Torhill wears so naturally on him, both Clarks’ and Glenn’s forward-thinking and innovative attitude towards life an ever-expanding canvas of creative possibilities, crafting paths for big strides, for the exciting world ahead.

Discover Clark’s Torhill Collection here.