Is Aupen Worth It? We Tested The Brand Worn By Beyoncé’s Daughter Blue Ivy And Taylor Swift

The new celebrity favourite, Aupen bags have made waves for their unusual asymmetric silhouette. Here's how they hold up.
Blue Ivy and Beyoncé; Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

A style star since the day she was born, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy has made appearances in everything from Louis Vuitton to Chanel and last week, she showed up in this year’s hottest accessory brand to hit the scene: Aupen. Just a little over a year old, this brand has already been spotted on celebrities from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez.

At first, I couldn’t make out what brand the bag that Blue Ivy carried was from. The bag was cute and geometric with no distinguishable logos, but that is exactly what I had been searching for: a bag with an edgy, cool-girl vibe that would elevate any outfit. The internet had the answer because that exact Purpose Aupen bag had already been spotted on Hailey Bieber and Gal Gadot, and then I realised that I had first spotted the Purpose on Nina Dobrev.

Hailey Bieber; Gal Gadot

At $180, it is rare that this affordable bag has so much celebrity love. The best part is its asymmetrical, sleek design sans branding. In this era of trendy “it” bags, I love going out with a minimalist bag that still warrants a second look, giving me that edgy, cool-girl vibe. I could hold it comfortably in my hand or on my shoulder as a fuss-free option. It is an easy grab-and-go bag to run errands when I ran out of milk, and fit all the basics: my card, phone and keys.

This bag goes from everyday errands to casual outings and more glammed-up affairs. Even when I spilled a drink on it, there were no watermarks, and I could clean it easily. It’s a sturdy material that doesn’t lose shape, and I can see myself cherishing it for years. But if you’re looking for a bag that will hold more than the essentials, this isn’t the bag for you. It is narrow, so it could not fit more than a few cards, my iPhone, keys and lipgloss. But for a forever stylish bag that is still practical for a night out, Purpose is entirely worth the price.

The new celebrity favourite, Aupen bags have made waves for their unusual asymmetric silhouette. Here's how they hold up.

And then there’s Nirvana, a bag in Taylor Swift’s collection that takes the concept of versatility a notch higher. Its generous capacity is a delightful surprise, proving that style doesn’t have to be compromised for size. The bag’s lightweight and chic silhouette allowed me to carry the Nirvana comfortably. Although the strap is non-adjustable, the Nirvana gave me a sense of ease as I could throw it over my shoulder and go on with my day. The braid design accents the shape of bag, and is easily styled with basics in my wardrobe. Similar to Purpose, the material is durable and luxurious, easily cleaned with a wipe if I spill something on it. I wish it came with a crossbody strap, but I like that this bag can fit more things like my water bottle.


I first spotted the Miracle on Selena Gomez when she brought it out during her recent wedding attendance. When I first saw photos from her Paris outing, I guessed that it was from Aupen from its asymmetrical shape. I was delighted that this bag was only $280 because I have not seen this crystal aesthetic retailed at such an affordable price.

Selena Gomez with Miracle
The new celebrity favourite, Aupen bags have made waves for their unusual asymmetric silhouette. Here's how they hold up.
Miracle Ice, $280

The Miracle is a similar size to the Nirvana, and can store everything from my phone to party essentials like makeup and cards. The zirconia crystals felt very high quality and did not fall off when I dropped my bag, which is important for me. I found this bag to be very versatile and could complement my daytime wear too, for a touch of everyday sparkle. There is a catch – the strap isn’t adjustable, restricting how I could flaunt it.


When I delved deeper into Aupen’s offerings, I found Joy, a bag that no celebrity has worn (yet!) It features gentler curves, an overall softer look and can fit more than the Purpose, marrying daily practicality with an understated chic. At a price point of $155, this bag is the most value for money out of all my Aupen bags.