TWG’s Adorable New Tea Teddies Are Redefining What Tea Time Looks Like

Trying to cut down on your caffeine intake? These mini teatime companions from TWG will get you through your mid-afternoon slump.
Photo: Courtesy of TWG Tea

It’s 3pm on a Monday, you’re seated in the office and you’re battling the fiercest food coma of your life. What do you reach for? A small snack to wake your system up or a warm drink to slowly stir your mind back to concentration mode? With the newly launched Tea Teddies from TWG, you no longer have to choose.

The TWG Tea Teddies, newly debuted by the local luxury tea brand, is the label’s latest tea-infused treat. In eight different flavours, the Tea Teddies are fruit gums crafted with white tea, one of the world’s rarest and most exquisite varieties of tea in the world. The eight varieties of Tea Teddies are Apple & Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange & Cinnamon, Ginger & Lemon, Mango & Orange, Raspberry & Vanilla and Grapefruit & Orange. Each fruit gum can be eaten on its own as a fun snack (with lower calories than your typical fruit-flavoured gummy, just in case you were wondering) or add two Tea Teddies to some hot water to create your own invigorating cup of tea.

So if you need a warm pick-me-up to get you through any long days in the office—sans the caffeine-related jitters—, why not give the TWG Tea Teddies a go? Whether in fruit gum-form or dissolved in water, TWG’s Tea Teddies are a fun way to incorporate more tea into your daily routine. So for the avid coffee addict who is trying to make the switch or someone who has just started to explore the tea world, each Tea Teddy offers a new way to experience tea-drinking.

Photo: Courtesy of TWG Tea

Of the eight flavours, I personally found the Raspberry & Vanilla to be my number one pick, for its balanced profile between sweetness and warmth. Another frontrunner is the Orange & Cinnamon, for its rich flavour that sings of Christmastime. And if you enjoy your teas most when they’re poured over ice—a common option considering Singapore’s blazing weather as of late—, fret not, you can still taste the base and fruity notes of each Tea Teddy blend when the teas are served cold.

The Tea Teddies are priced at $15 each for approximately 40 pieces (200g). Tea Teddies are available from 25 April 2024 at all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques in Singapore and on Find more information on how to enjoy your Tea Teddies at

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