The Last Word…Yumi Nu

What was the last fashion purchase Yumi Nu made?

Each issue, people we admire reveal their lasts, from films watched to fashion mistakes. This month, plus-size model and singer-songwriter Yumi Nu (represented by Society Management), shares hers.

The last time I felt perfectly at ease… was with my family in the ocean on our family vacation. 

The last movie I watched… was It’s Complicated, starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. Anything with Meryl is a cosy night in for me. 

The last promise I made… was to my friends that I’d text them when I got home.

The last fashion piece I purchased… was a pair of new ballet flats—I said I’d never give in, but here we are!

The last fashion mistake I made… was not wearing comfortable shoes in NYC. Your feet will hate you later. 

The last piece of advice that someone gave to me… was to feel everything I’m feeling. Don’t run from those feelings; sit in them and let them pass. 

The last time I cried… was last week. Seasons are transitioning physically and emotionally for me, but I’m grateful. 

The last restaurant I dined in… Sant Ambroeus in Soho.

The last thing I wrote with pen and paper… was a journal entry this morning. Journaling has grown on me these past few months and brought a new peace to my life. 

The last beauty product I finished… was a vitamin C serum! I don’t use many products these days, but those with vitamin C and sunscreen are at the top of my list. 

The last perfume I bought… was Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne.

The last outfit that I wore… was a brown knit halter top with a pair of slouchy white linen pants. 

The last holiday I went on… was to Paris with my mum and grandma! It had been 40 years since my grandma last went and I loved watching her light up at the beauty of Paris.

Photo Credit Yumi Nu

The last book I read… was The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer—a great book about being present and not letting your inner critic steer the ship.

The last song I belted out in the shower… was my new song Vines.

The last thing I did for someone else… was to make breakfast. I made my boyfriend eggs on toast with butter.

The last gift I bought for someone… was a mani‑pedi session, for my cousin going off to college. 

The last photo I took on my phone… was of a note my boyfriend wrote for me on the whiteboard on our fridge before I erased it.