The Wellness Code: Soul Discretion With Pearlyn Siew Of Transmission Wellness

When it comes to spiritual wellness, Pearlyn Siew says it’s all about balance
When it comes to spiritual wellness, Pearlyn Siew of Transmission Wellness says it’s all about balance and trust

Since the time of Aristotle, humans have endeavoured to become their best selves. Today, there are a wealth of ways that you can take care of your mind, body and soul. GRAZIA Singapore brings you the people and places to get refreshed and renewed. First up, Pearlyn Siew from local holistic wellness practice Transmission Wellness.

For Pearlyn Siew, a journey of spirituality is all about the harmonies of life. “I find that my experience of spiritual wellness is a balance between the most pragmatic ways of experiencing life whilst revelling in the magic that life, in return, has to offer,” she says. “It comes with being present in the physical vessel of my body, understanding my relationship with this world I reside in, and being in deep resonance with divinity,” she continues.

The Intuitive Reader’s first foray into spiritual wellness was in 2019, when she was working as a flight attendant. After experiencing her worst pre-flight anxiety attack, Siew decided that enough was enough—it was time to seek professional help. Her psychiatrist prescribed antidepressants, while her counsellor recommended yoga and meditation. She recounts, “In my stubborn bid to never build dependency on the increasing dosage of antidepressants, whilst being a major sceptic, I decided to give yoga and meditation a go.”

For the next month, she spent 40 minutes every day practising yoga and meditating, growing and learning about her own spiritual wellness. “I knew then that I wanted to share my love for yoga with anybody who can benefit from the beautiful connection between our mind-body-spirit.” Now, Siew, who turns 30 this year, is the founder of Transmission Wellness, a holistic wellness practice based in Singapore. Here, we speak to Siew about what started her on her personal journey towards spiritual connectedness, the benefits of spiritual wellness and one practice she thinks more people should adopt.

Tell us more about how you embarked on a career in spiritual wellness, and what a day in your life looks like.

Around the period [when I began my journey into spirituality],my friend Charmaine recommended the tarot to me. Being already sceptical about yoga and meditation, I wanted to try and understand why the tarot would be a tool people would trust. With my [inquisitive spirit], I got myself a tarot deck instead of going for a reading. Here I am over five years later, constantly humbled in this line of work, doing readings for a living.

I tend to take hours to get myself ready for the start of my day, lounging, setting intentions, reflecting and meditating. Sharing a mix of in-person and Zoom readings with cameras off [with my clients], I usually address deeply seated issues from childhood traumas and how they’d create disempowering conditions from the present day issues my clients are facing. Closing off the day, I create content on Instagram for reflections, education, and awareness.

A few times each month, I get fun engagements from corporations and invitations to events, making my month more engaging. I recently found an interest in calisthenics and qi-gong for my personal exploration in movement and meditative practice, so that’s woven into my weekly routines.

When it comes to spiritual wellness, Pearlyn Siew of Transmission Wellness says it’s all about balance and trust

Your services include a range of different offerings and modalities. How much do the modalities differ from person to person?

I have four main offerings—Intuitive Readings, Seeding Conversations, Quantum Transmissions, and Yoga And Sound Healing—because I work with so many modalities holistically. I try not to be fixated on usage of one modality and tend to flow with what would best support the needs of each individual receiving sessions with me. Always trust your inner knowing when selecting.

Notice how you breathe, reflect upon your relationship with the micro and macro cosmos of your daily routine sand life goals or philosophies.

How often should someone be receiving an aura or tarot reading?

My goal is to support everyone in trusting their intuition so deeply, that they never have to rely on readings. I have always stood by trusting our inner guidance and gut feeling, so if there is a random curiosity and a natural pull towards receiving a reading, that’s probably the best time to plan for a reading.

It can be tricky and unnecessarily triggering to receive a reading if one were to seek them in dire times, because by then, what they would most need should be therapy or counselling. I also think that it is unhealthy to constantly receive readings because that could forge co-dependency. Unless one would be so mentally and emotionally resilient, experiencing developments as rapidly, I would recommend no more than a quarterly read.

How does spiritual wellness work hand-in-hand with other aspects of wellness?

In my approach, I think it is most important not to be distracted by the marvelling of visions through meditation or tingling sensations in a sound healing journey. To find presence in every lived interaction, building pragmatic habits in day-to-day living, coming to full acceptance and contentment across the ebbs and flows to life without pedestaling joy would be key. So in experiences through spiritual wellness, deeply resonating with our humanness would build all sorts of wellness that we seek.

What are some benefits related to spiritual wellness and spiritual connectedness?

I find that these experiences can offer us a bridge to building faith and belief, which helps us through disconcerting moments in life. I think that there is so much beauty in explorations [of] spiritual wellness in religion, devotion, new age-metaphysical practices, all the way to philosophical contemplations in the food, movement, and relationships we deeply care for.

When it comes to spiritual wellness, Pearlyn Siew of Transmission Wellness says it’s all about balance and trust

What are some tips you might have for those on a journey towards healing their energy?

Notice how you breathe, reflect upon your relationship with the micro and macro cosmos of your daily routines and life goals or philosophies. Understand your desires, values, and ethics. Be extremely discerning with principals and integrity of the guided support you receive on your journey.

What is one practice you feel more people should try to incorporate into their routine?

Breathing with full presence, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

For people who feel apprehensive about taking that first step on their spiritual wellness journeys, what pieces of advice do you have?

I always trust that all of us will be spiritually supported in ways the universe knows we best can receive. More often than not, spirituality doesn’t need to be experienced through new age practices and modalities. Finding resonance in our own means can be done through exploration in our faith and life philosophy. Researching on philosophies and religion, then being present enough to experience and healthily reflect on life’s experiences would be key.

What can people expect from Transmission Wellness in the near future?

I am currently working on an extremely fun project called Journey to Fulfilment. There will be courses, immersions, and corporate packages for anyone curious about or has embarked on their own wellness explorations. All updates will be shared through my website, Instagram and YouTube!

This story originally appeared in the June/July 2024 issue of GRAZIA Singapore.



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