Meet Nie Lisha, The Artist Who Creates Art That Speaks To Universal Human Experiences

Contemporary artist Nie Lisha transforms the minutiae into thought- provoking installations and audio-visual landscapes

Nothing escapes Nie Lisha’s notice. The Rhode Island School of Design graduate has made a name for herself for works of art that meld the minute, by focusing on fine phenomena and rethinking them through digital production. The result is visual and acoustic narratives presented as installations, such as Fantasy Gives Any Absurdity A Chance To Become Part Of The Logic (2020)—which employs electronic wires, concrete, spray foam and acrylic to mimic a fictional future society underpinned by circuit networks and dotted with tech-infused meteorites—and Endlessly Idle With Time (2019)—an audio-video presentation featuring six actors making choreographed movements that bring out the small moments of monotony and frustration in an environment that glorifies efficiency.

“Art opens up possibilities for an alternative reality,” Nie shares. “I think the way we approach reality depends on which narratives we are in and what perspectives we have. In my art, I create my narrative.” To Nie, creating connections through the medium of art is what makes the endeavour worthwhile. “I want to explore art as a universal language more. I am learning to create work that speaks to universal human experiences, making it accessible to people of all ages,” she explains. “I hope that even someone with no prior art experience can connect with it. I want people to laugh and to love.”

This story first appeared in the May issue of GRAZIA Singapore.


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