Your Monthly Horoscope For July Is Here!

Here’s what the stars have in store for you this Cancer season
Artwork: Kimberlee Kessler

Welcome to July 2024! Our resident spirituality and holistic wellness advisor, Kelly Lightworker is here to help shine some light on this emotionally intense (but potentially rewarding) month, with an overview of notable astrological aspects in July and a one-card draw for each zodiac sign. 

July 2024 sees the Sun in sensitive Cancer until the 21st, and with both Neptune and Saturn in retrograde in tender-hearted Pisces. The rose-tinted glasses of unrealistic expectations might start to lose their shine as glimpses of a more sober reality emerge on the horizon. Speak your own heartfelt truths with gentleness; let only your love be fierce. This will be necessary especially on 15th July when the Sun forms a tense square with Chiron, potentially surfacing long-suppressed hurts.

It’s not only the Sun that gets intense: the New Moon in Cancer on 6th July offers a healing reset, but this is followed up by a Full Moon on 21st July in the 29th (and final) degree of stern Capricorn. This is a good time to tie up loose ends and gain personal clarity into how we navigate the balance of power in all our relationships.

Come 22nd July, energies shift as the Sun roars into courageous Leo! The Sun’s sextile with Mars on 26th July bodes well for business deals and bold new ventures, ending this month on an energetic high.

Here are the Tarot cards for each zodiac sign as we enter July 2024. Read for your Sun, Moon and rising signs to get your own unique three-card Tarot reading for the month!

ARIES: Transformation, reversed

2024 so far has been quite the roller-coaster for you, dear Aries. Nevertheless, your fearless ability to deal with life’s challenges will stand you in good stead. This month’s card points towards powerful transformations coming for you: these shifts are on the way for you to embrace, not resist, the tides of change. Make brave choices, and by the end of this month, your life could be wonderfully different and improved.

TAURUS: Seven of Pentacles

Your patience is your superpower and the secret to your success, dear Taurus. Once again, this month will call upon your reserves of patience and resilience. Do what you can, and do not fret even if the situation you face does not seem to be developing. Good outcomes are on their way. This card is a positive omen to receive with regards to any project you may have undertaken since the start of this year, as well as investments.

GEMINI: Three of Pentacles

Jupiter, planetary ruler of luck and expansion, entered your sign on 25th May. Since then, you may have noticed a boost of positive vibes in your life. If you have been thinking of getting good people on your team, or leveraging on teamwork to achieve a goal, now is the time. Opportunities could arise for you to build a solid repute at work. The same goes for your social life: your natural flair for communication will attract many.

CANCER: The High Priestess

Dear Cancer, you may have been feeling overwhelmed recently: the eclipse season in March and April earlier this year impacted your sign, and could have caused you to doubt yourself and those close to you. This month, the Tarot encourages you to step back, go inward, and reconnect with your higher self through meditation, holistic wellness practices, or spending time near water. Trust your intuition, and all will be well.

LEO: Queen of Wands, reversed

July ends with your season, dear Leo, and you will lead the way with your head held high… but keep your eyes open for unexpected developments and drama. The reversed Queen of Wands can represent a person or a dynamic where insecurities can create envious rivals, and/or a tendency to stir up drama to further a personal agenda. Stay calm, keep your chin up, and pick your battles wisely.

VIRGO: Ace of Wands

Dear Virgo, July comes to you bearing the gift of a promise. Your card for this month represents a potential opportunity in career, business, and/or (for some) an exciting new dating prospect! This opportunity could arise quite quickly; when it does, you are encouraged to take the initiative and go for it. Have faith in your abilities: know that you deserve, and can manifest, the new possibilities coming your way.

LIBRA: Two of Cups, reversed

Dear Libra, this month could present some unexpected hiccups in your partnerships. A deal could fall through, or something might happen in a personal relationship that disrupts your dynamic. While the reality checks might be disconcerting at the time, consciously experience these moments as opportunities for personal evolution and growth. Also, trust that better partnerships are coming for you, and keep an open mind.

SCORPIO: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

Be aware of how your investments are doing, dear Scorpio; be prepared to make the necessary changes to safeguard your wealth. Some other money (or property) matters may arise this month that will require your attention, such as an unexpected bill. Have relationships with family and loved ones cooled in recent times? This month, invest in strengthening ties with your people, and you will always prosper.

SAGITTARIUS: Queen of Swords, reversed

Some people or situations could be pushing your boundaries this month, dear Sagittarius. Your best bet is to trust your instincts and strike a wise balance between healthy boundaries and fair compromise. Until 21st July (ie. Cancer season) passes, communicate with care: your frankness might be misconstrued by sensitive souls. But don’t fret! Remain your warm, approachable self, and truth will win the day.

CAPRICORN: Nine of Cups, reversed

You’ve always been a pillar of strength to many, dear Capricorn, but who helps you up when you’re down? If you’ve been feeling unsupported lately, reach out—you will be pleasantly surprised at how much love you will receive from people who want to support you in return. For some Capricorns, this card is a gentle reminder to practice healthy lifestyle habits: moderation and self-restraint will suit you very well.

AQUARIUS: Wheel of Fortune

Pluto, planetary ruler of intense transformation, entered your sign this year and ushered in a new cycle of personal development. You may have had to handle pressures in certain situations that lay beyond your control. This month’s card represents encouragement from the cosmos: know that the Universe has your back, and keep pushing forward towards your goal. Your good luck is arriving. Fortune favours the bold!

PISCES: The Chariot

If you’ve been feeling stuck, dear Pisces, I have good news for you: your card represents a wonderful opportunity to break through any rut you might be in and to move forward. The Chariot is a card of leadership and forceful dynamism: take charge of your life and focus on your goals. Let nothing distract you until you reach your destination. For those of you who have been thinking of making moves in your career, this card is a Yes!

Kelly Tan is a natural-born psychic medium and channel, energy healer, tarot consultant and animal communicator. A priestess for the 21st century, Kelly’s principal divinity is the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. Kelly is also a life coach and therapist. Trusted by the world’s leading names, Kelly has collaborated with the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, Bentley, Dior, and Belmond (the Eastern & Oriental Express), amongst many other well-loved luxury brands. Connect with Kelly via her website, Facebook or Instagram.