Taiwanese Singer May Jan On What It Means To “Unleash Your Light”

A combination of talent and inspiration, the Extra•Ordinary Stars fundraiser concert saw May Jan shine onstage
A combination of talent and inspiration, the Extra•Ordinary Stars fundraiser concert saw May Jan shine onstage

Having amassed over 21,000 followers on Instagram, singer Huang May Jan (or simply May Jan) has charmed audiences with her ethereally wholesome image and powerful vocal prowess. This special combination is but one reason why the singer was tapped to perform at last year’s Extra•Ordinary Stars fundraiser concert. Taking to the stage in a stunning yellow tulle ensemble, May Jan performed the song “Unleash Your Light” with the UYL Taiwanese team, which includes Annie, Forty Yen, and HighBoy to name a few, alongside a range of artists who all came together for the Extra•Ordinary Stars concert.

Looking back on her journey in 2023, May Jan comments that she is “thankful for all the people, things and challenges” she encountered this past year and is looking forward to a “happier and healthier” 2024. We caught up with the musician after her performance at the Extra•Ordinary Stars fundraiser where she got candid and discussed her experience leading up to the concert, who inspires her and what she has planned for the year ahead.

How does performing at the Extra.Ordinary Stars concert differ from performing for other events or venues?
This is definitely one of most memorable performances for me personally, as it is not just about one individual performer, but rather about everyone coming together to fulfill the dreams of these special children.

What did you look forward to most at this year’s Extra.Ordinary Stars concert?
Seeing Annie perform on that big stage!

A combination of talent and inspiration, the Extra•Ordinary Stars fundraiser concert saw May Jan shine onstage
May Jan with Annie

You performed the theme song of the evening entitled “Unleash Your Light”. Talk us through the creative process of how this song came to be and why you felt it resonated with the Extra.Ordinary Stars concert.
I actually wrote this song few years ago. When I eventually met Annie for the first time and listened to her story, I realised it perfectly matched this song and its lyrics. I instantly knew this was a match made in lyrical heaven.

Extra.Ordinary Stars concert is all about inspiring others and nurturing talent, who inspires you?
Annie, for sure. She inspired me and the entire Taiwanese performing team.

Today, a musician is sometimes required to be a multi-faceted performer encompassing vocals, dancing and being an overall content creator. Do you find it hard to adapt to these different elements or did they come naturally to you?
To be honest, I actually choose to focus on the art alone. The singing and composing—that is where my passion always been and this is what I will continue to nurture.

You have quite a versatile sense of style, morphing from sporty to sleek then shifting to more elegant ensembles when performing in your music videos. Do your songs inform how you dress or do you style yourself based on a specific character you want to portray in your music videos?
I style myself and make my sartorial choices based on the song I am performing and the message I am trying to address to my fans and the audience.

Clue us in on a backstage preparation or ritual before you do before you hit the stage. Perhaps a secret to overcoming stage fright?
I listen to songs of worship and praise. This music relaxes me and I always pray before stepping onto the stage.

Finally, what’s next for you? What does the future have in store for May Jan?
I am in the midst of preparing for my new album which will have a mix of both contemporary mainstream music and songs of worship. I will also be embarking on an exciting concert tour in Taiwan in 2024!

This story first appeared on Luxuo.