It’s Giving Season! The Mumbai Image Singapore Family On The Power Of Celebrating Achievements And Reflection During The Holidays

Creative couples, collaborators and families—in every sense of the word—share how they strengthen personal connections and keep the spark alive
From left: Shaik Ahmed Faisal (audio visuals and logistics), Shaikha Eliyah Delisha Binte Shaik Qamarul Ariffin, Shaik Qamarul Ariffin, Nurliedyawatie Azman also known as Dyaliedya (makeup artist, public relations, and founder of, Shaik Amirul Haqeem (IT logistics and customer service), Nora Sahari (founder, designer, and makeup artist), Shaik Emre Salahuddin Ibn Shaik Qamarul Ariffin, Mohd Hussain (co-founder and accounting)

How did your creative journey together begin?

Nora Sahari (NS): Our creative journey began with a shared love for the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai’s (Bollywood) bridal traditions. I have always been captivated by the elegance and symbolism of lenhenga and sherwani, the traditional attire for brides and grooms in Indian weddings. We have designed a couple of hundreds of dresses over the year but a proud moment for both of us was during Shaik’s and Liedya’s wedding solemnisation where we created a stunning medieval-inspired design that captured the elegance and romance of the era and the grand entrance, a regal Mumbai-inspired Lengha & Sherwani in teal and gold. It was a moment of immense pride for both of us, especially Liedya’s entrance sitting on a ‘doli’ and we will always cherish the memories of their special day.

Nurliedyawatie Azman (NA): I also have a deep appreciation for the grandiosity of medieval designs where Western aesthetics harmonise with Middle Eastern influences—similar to the style of my wedding dress during my solemnisation. This shared passion ignited a spark that would eventually transform into our business.

What does it take to be a creative unit? 

NS: It didn’t take long for us to achieve a synergy where we could openly communicate and compromise—a common passion was the key. With that, sharing my years of experience with Liedya has always been a breeze because of her willingness to learn. 

NA: I’ve gained valuable insights from my mother-in-law, especially in our shared passion for beauty, makeup, and related topics. We often collaborate, combining our ideas and remaining open to each other’s suggestions even when opinions differ.

What are your year-end traditions or routines? What meaning do they hold for you?

NS: Our year-end traditions hold deep significance because it’s a time when we celebrate achievements and reflect on growth. We gather as a family to reflect on the year’s successes and challenges which serve as a compass that guides our endeavours.

NA: We engage annually in anniversary campaign shoots that also serve as a portfolio to showcase Mumbai Image Singapore’s next collection. My mother-in-law takes on the role of styling, turning the photo sessions into a meaningful bonding experience as I become the muse for the shoot—a truly special tradition for me.

What are your gift-giving strategies?

NS: I always prioritise experience over material possessions like registering my giftee for a fully paid artistry course or gifting them a surprise ticket to their favourite artist’s concert. I believe it reflects my understanding of their personality and preferences.

NA: Personalised presents such as trays with a giftee’s name on them always lend a unique and intentional touch.

Photography JAYA KHIDIR
Art direction MARISA XIN