By GRAZIA Singapore

GRAZIA Radar: Jean Seizure Curates A Heartfelt Playlist For The Summer

Local musician Jean Seizure shares personal memories associated with some of their most‑loved tracks
Jean Seizure. Photo: Courtesy

Colorblind by Mokita

“I was on a quiet road trip in Sydney during a hiatus I needed for my mental health when this song came up—it made me rediscover the role that music plays in our everyday life.”

So Beautiful by DPR Ian

“I feel like an elegant villain when I listen to this song. It’s empowering in a strange way.”

There Is No Love by Charlie Lim

“More than 10 years ago, I was at Cat Socrates with my close friend and we heard this song playing in the store. I had to look it up because of how the arrangement sounded and when we saw its lyrics, we were awestruck. That’s when I became Charlie Lim’s fan.”

Driving In The City by Brandon Mig

“It was my anthem at one point, having been jaded by my love life. It’s kind of sad but very vibe‑y, and I like how it’s able to tell a somewhat depressing story with so much charm and groove.”

Island by Car, The Garden (feat. OH HYUK) 

“I was in Seoul’s Hyundai Card Art Library in May this year and it had a vinyl station where people could listen to music for free. I told my partner to pick an album she personally liked and this was the first song.”