By Men’s Folio

Celebrate the Spirit Of Living With These Designer Furniture and Home Décor Projects

Collections for a craft-focused casa

Objects have an innate spirit that lives beyond our mortal lives — they are portals into different eras or a means of safekeeping history and a method to push forward into the unknown realms of the future. Collated in a curated fashion are projects by Houses that take advantage of their access to craft and do a bit more, spreading that expertise into the very corners of the places we call home.

Pictured Above: Italian Ingenuity

Unmistakably la dolce vita from its make (the softest wool and smoothest porcelain) down to its motifs (one can recognise the codes and logos like the Roma, Pequin and O’Lock), Fendi’s first home decor and lifestyle accessories collection under the creative direction of Silvia Venturini Fendi has everything from boxes, trays, candle holders and the pièce de résistance, home textiles with the FF logo printed all over.

Familial Feeling

Cartier has an illustrious history of crafting precious pieces of jewellery and watches, so it should be no surprise that the exercise of its traditional savoir-faire extends into the treatment of everyday objects that are present and meaningful in our daily routines or special occasions. Spanning luggage tags, vanity mirrors, snow globes and trinket trays of various sizes, Maison Cartier’s object and accessories collection this year taps into the warmth of family to anchor the overall mood and sentiment of its creations. From the playfully haphazard Diabolo de Cartier print to the Cartier Baby collection that invites the panthère to play in white on delicate white porcelain bowls, the joy for living in this season of love glows with glee.

Creative Directions

Loewe’s Weave, Restore, Renew project is a pivotal gesture towards the love of craftsmanship — especially for traditional techniques that repair and revive items that might have been forgotten or discarded, and breathing new life into them. While the project is traditionally anchored in the exploration of leather weaving, the Galician straw-weaving tradition Coroza is accompanied by an added focus on new material this time — paper. To be specific, the Korean technique of paper weaving known as Jiseung is practised, all thanks to the work of Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2019 finalist Young Soon Lee. The resultant jars that were created are a testament to the bi-directional influence of creativity at Loewe — an ode to the eternal conversation that artisans have with each other, and the raw and untapped minds of the youth.

Art For Breakfast

From 1957 until 1962, Tiffany & Co. commissioned the luminous Andy Warhol to illustrate a series of holiday cards capturing the joy and whimsy of the season. This year, the Tiffany Archives reimagines those illustrations for a limited-edition Home & Accessories collection that transposes those designs on glass or bone china ornaments, festive plates, playing cards and the very Christmas cards they first appeared in.