The Last Word… Savina Chow

When was the last time social media maven Savina Chow felt awed?
Illustration: Marisa Xin

Each issue, people we admire reveal their lasts, from films to fashion mistakes. This month, Savina Chow, social media maven and founder of beauty shopping platform Beaubit, shares hers.

The last holiday I went on… It was to Jeju island and Seoul in South Korea last November—my first break away from work in four years. 

Photo: Courtesy of Savina Chow

The last app I downloaded… 小红书 (Xiaohongshu). It’s Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok combined.

The last beauty mistake I made… I used harsh exfoliants on my face, which gave me permanent lip eczema.

The last book I read… Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown. It taught me that belonging starts with self‑acceptance. 

The last song I listened to… Blackpink’s Pink Venom, during my workout session.

The last film I saw… Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

The last addition(s) to my wardrobe… Chanel slingbacks—the classic nude ones.

Photo: Courtesy of Savina Chow

The last thing people would guess about me… I’m actually petite.

The last promise I made… It was one to myself: to go easy and not to feel guilty for resting.

The last restaurant I dined in… Summer Pavilion—it serves the best dim sum and smooth‑as‑silk congee.

Summer Pavilion

The last account I followed on Instagram… @blunies_my. I’m launching my beauty brand in Malaysia next month!

When was the last time you felt awed? Stepping into the HermèsFit gym—a true retail innovation!

Photo: Jovian Lim

What was the last present you gave? A Tiffany & Co bangle, gifted to my husband.

Tiffany & Co Lock bracelet in yellow gold

What was the last photo you took with your phone? One of my cat son—I was scolding him for scratching my bag.

Photo: Courtesy of Savina Chow

What was the last beauty product that you finished? La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream.

What was the last series you binge‑watched? Beef, an absolute masterpiece.

Photo: Andrew Cooper/Netflix