By Pakkee Tan

The Last Word… Liv Lo Golding

When was the last time that Liv Lo Golding cried?

Each issue, people we admire reveal their lasts, from films seen to fashion mistakes. This month, Liv Lo Golding, wellness guru and co‑founder of motherhood resource Womom, shares hers.

The last book I read … Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.

The last series I binge‑watched … Netflix’s true crime series Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.

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The last fashion mistake I made … I bought a secondhand Gucci pouch, but the waist size was too small!

The last beauty product I finished … PSA’s Liquid Panacea Centella & Kombucha Firming Recovery Booster.

The last beauty mistake I made … I thought I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to clean beauty products, but you apparently can!

The last time I cried … When I went on my first overnight trip away from [my daughter] Lyla. It was my first solo trip in two years and I think I cried as I couldn’t believe that day had come.

The last film I saw … Kiss the Ground, a documentary on regenerative farming.

The last time I felt star‑struck … When I interviewed Paul Rudd.

The last promise I made … That I’ll make a new sustainable change every month.

The last great dish I ordered in a restaurant … Fried cipollini petals—beer‑battered cipollini onion
smothered in vegan ranch. They taste like super‑fragrant onion rings!

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The last day I felt perfectly at peace … On holiday in Bali, during our stay at Mandapa, a Ritz‑Carlton Reserve. The closeness to nature and way of life there is so restorative and rejuvenating.

The last piece of advice I gave … Breastfeeding is a mother‑baby dyad. No one else nor their judgement is involved.

The last item I added to my wardrobe … A piece from sustainable yoga wear brand Beyond Yoga.

What was the last account you followed on Instagram? @4ocean

Who was the last person you kissed? My daughter.

What was the last perfume you bought? Tom Ford Beauty’s Neroli Portofino.

What was the last restaurant you dined at? Little Prince in LA.

Who was the last person you called? My husband Henry [Golding].

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