The Last Word… Jane Lau

What was the last fashion mistake Jane Lau (aka Jane Chuck) made?
Illustration: Marisa Xin

Each issue, people we admire reveal their lasts, from films watched to fashion mistakes. This month, influencer and entrepreneur Jane Lau (aka Jane Chuck) shares hers.

The last song I listened to… Ghost in the Machine by Sza.

The last series I binge‑watched… Gossip Girl—for the seventh time!

The last fashion mistake I made… Wearing Dad sneakers.

The last beauty mistake I made… I forgot to put on sunscreen.

The last place I ate in… McDonald’s.

The last app I downloaded… Lemon8.

The last holiday I went on… It was to Kyoto.

The last promise I made… It was to not make excuses.

The last time I felt awed… It was when my team executed a great campaign. 

The last thing I Googled… “How to debloat”.

The last gift I bought… A meal at Noma for my sister and best friend.

The last piece of advice I gave… You cannot pretend that things don’t exist because you’re not exposed to them.

The last day I felt perfectly at peace… I’m always at peace!

The last time I laughed until I cried… It was at a joke only I understand.

The last night I went out… It was to the reopening of Tiffany & Co’s flagship store in New York City.

Photo: Courtesy of Jane Lau

The last time I apologised… It was to myself, for not resting enough.

The last account I followed on TikTok… @sofiarichiegrainge.

The last film I saw… Confession by Yoon Jong-seok.

What was the last addition to your wardrobe? Miu Miu’s leather Pocket bag.

Photo: Courtesy of Jane Lau

What was the last beauty product that you finished? Chuck’s Very Important Sunscreen.

When was the last time you cried? While watching the biographical film Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Photo: Tristar Pictures

What was the last perfume you bought? Pesade’s Mid Mountain.

When was the last occasion you felt starstruck? When I met Gal Gadot at the Tiffany & Co event.

Photo: Courtesy of Jane Lau