By Avier Tan

Sorn Talks New Track “Crazy Stupid Lovers” And Collaborating With Childhood Friend Hongseok

"Each time I listen to crazy stupid lovers, it reminds me of spring and the refreshing vibe it brings,” said Sorn
Hongseok (left) and Sorn (right) in a teaser image for Sorn’s new track “crazy stupid lovers”. Photo: WILD

Last year, Sorn showed us a wilder and bolder side of her, with Not A Friend (2023) and Rowdy (2023) which dropped in collaboration with Seungyeon.

But she’s taking a slightly different approach this year. After dropping cool (2024), which she first teased during her Nirvana Girl concert, Sorn is back with another feel-good tune, crazy stupid lovers (2024) with childhood friend Hongseok.

We caught up with the 27-year-old star on her new track, sharing her experience collaborating with her childhood best friend Hongseok. She also teased a new EP, which fans can look forward to “later this year”.

For your new music, you roped in Hongseok for your track as he’s your childhood best friend, how was it like working with him this time?

Working with Hongseok has been really fun because we’ve been friends for a long time, and everyone knows I love collaborating with my friends when it comes to music.

I feel like because we already know each other so well, we were both able to enjoy the whole process even more. I was able to learn a lot more about acting from Hongseok since it was the first time I had to act in a music video. As an actor himself, he made me feel really comfortable and was super supportive of me when we were filming and I really appreciated him for doing that!

He was also really thankful that I brought him into this project as he didn’t know that he would have an opportunity to work on music this soon after choosing to focus on his acting career!

This song is about your best pals. So tell us what are some things that you’d usually do with your close friends.

We like to chill at home and talk.

I’m not really a big fan of going outside and always having to plan activities with friends. Instead, I love spending quality time just eating and talking with all my best pals because I treasure those moments and conversations a lot more.

We know the MV for “crazy stupid lovers” was filmed in Seoul previously. What were some memorable moments from the shoot?

The most memorable moment from the shoot was the kitchen scene I filmed with Hongseok. If you watch the music video you’ll see that we were throwing carrots at each other in one scene.

Fun fact, it was entirely improvised! I really loved that scene as I feel like it really showcased our chemistry.

If you only had one word to describe “crazy stupid lovers”, what would it be?

That one word would be spring.

We shot the music video in Seoul during spring with all the cherry blossoms fully bloomed. So each time I listen to this song it reminds me of the season and the refreshing vibe spring always brings, and I hope everyone who’s listening to the song will be able to feel it too!

This article originally appeared on HallyuSG.


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