By Men’s Folio

Lay Zhang Releases Melancholic New Single “Nothing With Me”

Soft and steady

Lay Zhang may have entered the entertainment industry as a part of K-pop group EXO. A decade later, he paves a distinctly heritage-driven path, sentimental and uniquely his own. His love for traditional Chinese art forms gives his works a colour that only someone with his skillset and experience can master. In his more recent works, a focus on the more sensitive side to the charismatic performer will have fans and fans-to-be feeling drawn to carefully yet keenly uncover.

Accompanied by the sound and visuals of rain, his latest release is a ballad that completes his Missing You trilogy of tracks. The forlorn ‘没什么能给你’ (Nothing With Me), a gentle and vulnerable cry of forgiveness, places loss and empathy as the main anchoring concepts in the lyrics. Following the themes of self-denial in ‘我不好’ (I’m Not Good) and self-healing in ‘晚安’ (Good Night), ‘Nothing With Me’ speaks from a place of regret, the selfless act of giving all of oneself to someone without expecting nothing in the process the overarching storyline.

With a vivid play of resonance amidst the simple arrangement and comforting melody, the M-pop song is both good for easy listening and for the occasional moment of quiet contemplation. Sincerity rings clear through Zhang’s agile voice, his every breath an indication of the subtle changes in his heartfelt emotions.

Going through the ups and downs of a relationship, the third track that completes Zhang’s Missing You trilogy ‘Nothing With Me’ is out on all platforms now.