King Charles Prepares to Abdicate to Make Way for Prince William

King Charles Plans to Pass the Crown: A Decade-Long Strategy to Make Way for Prince William
News revelations suggests that King Charles is preparing to step down from the throne to make way for Prince William

New revelations suggest that King Charles has a ‘decade-long plan,’ after which he will abdicate ‘to make way for his son William.’

King Charles may abdicate the throne in favor of Prince William within the next decade.

The latest revelation about the British royal family comes from Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, who stated that the monarch, at 75, has a ‘decade-long plan’ after which he will step down with the feeling of ‘having done enough.’

Burrell revealed that King Charles and Queen Camilla have ‘given this job 10 years,’ and the monarch is currently ‘taking time’ for his eldest son, Prince William, before making way for him on the throne.

“I really believe there will soon be an abdication by the king,” said Princess Diana’s former butler, adding, “I don’t think he will want to continue being king when other European monarchies are transitioning to their younger heirs.”

Paul Burrell continued by stating that Charles III has a different approach than his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, and would prefer to see his son on the throne for a longer period so that he can enjoy it.

Burrell explained that Queen Elizabeth II would never have done it because she came from a different generation, and her life was ‘shaped around being a monarch.’

But he added, “King Charles will know exactly what to do and will take inspiration from his father, Prince Philip, and retire to private life.”

This article first appeared originally on GRAZIA International.