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Sorn Teases New Music Titled Rowdy, In Collaboration With Labelmate Seungyeon

Sorn posted a teaser of the duo dancing along to the addictive track, slated to be released soon on 18 Aug
Fans of K-pop sensation Sorn have reason to rejoice. The 26-year-old soloist recently announced her single titled Rowdy, dropping on 18 Aug.
Sorn. Photo: Press

Fans of K-pop sensation Sorn have reason to rejoice.

The 26-year-old soloist recently announced her solo single titled Rowdy, which will drop on 18 Aug. And it will be a track done in collaboration with her labelmate Seungyeon.

The duo are also a part of the K-pop girl band CLC.

CLC is a South Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment which debuted with five members: Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, and Yeeun. The girl band later added two more members Elkie Chong and Kwon Eun-bin in 2016.

Sorn terminated her exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment in late 2021, to join Singapore-based entertainment label Wild Entertainment Group. Seungyeon is also currently signed under the hybrid management company.

However, according to Sorn herself, CLC “has not disbanded”. She clarified during one of her Tiktok live sessions.

“We did not disband, we’re still a thing. Right now everyone’s just doing their own thing,” she added.

The Thailand-born sweetheart is known for her exceptional vocal prowess and dynamic stage presence. And she has been steadily building her solo career with her solo releases.

She has since promoted several tracks then. This includes music like Nirvana Girl (2022) featuring Yeeun and her recent release Not A Friend (2023).

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More recently, Sorn took to her social media platforms to share a release scheduler, further heightening expectations.

With her remarkable ability to connect with fans through her music, Sorn has already managed to create a sense of community and excitement among listeners in the lead-up to the release.

With the support of her loyal fans and the promise of a powerful collaboration, Sorn’s Rowdy is poised to become a chart-topping hit and yet another milestone in her flourishing career.

This article originally appeared on HallyuSG.

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