By Bryan Goh

Fei Qiming’s Souvenir-Like Saint Laurent Tote Bag

24 Rue De L'Universite
Your next fit-spiration: Fei Qiming’s goes full airport-ready which includes a souvenir-like Saint Laurent tote bag.

According to the picture above, Fei Qiming is flexing the ultimate airport fit with a full Saint Laurent look. There’s some kind of nineties vibe to it courtesy of mid-waisted jeans in a washed out blue denim and it might be a little hard to spot but he’s also wearing another classic from the era; a buckle belt in smooth leather.

However, besides the other nods to what the most stylish celebrities wore in the nineties to hit the tarmacs (a cursory Google search should include Celeb Nineties Airport Style), he is toting what we call a souvenir-like tote bag. In Saint Laurent’s words, it is called the Foldable Tote Bag; a giant one (in today’s context, that is) that measures 38 by 42 centimetres and comes with two interior pockets.

In our words, and with a nod to its graphic on the front featuring Saint Laurent’s address, it reminds us of tote bags we buy from the likes of the MoMA or The Strand Bookstore.

It allows us to flex our tastes (another thing you might be interested in Googling: what your tote bag says about you), pledge allegiance to our favourite brands and if need be, contains a MacBook Pro amongst the other knick knacks we constantly have to carry.