By Emily Algar

The Wing, The Sculpted Hair, The Nails: This Look Proves Simona Tabasco Is Fast Becoming Our Favourite Beauty Muse

Lucia Greco could never

If you’ve watched The White Lotus season 2, you’re probably already obsessed with Simona Tabasco. The Italian actress played Lucia Greco, a brazen sex worker who made her way through almost every affluent male guest staying at the luxe cliffside compound.

In line with the show’s success, Tabasco’s star has risen exponentially, and so too has our infatuation with her bold beauty choices.

Take last night’s Polestar 3 unveiling in New York City (a star-studded event that also saw Leonardo DiCaprio, Irina Shaik and Tayana Taylor in attendance).

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Tabasco showed off a thick winged liner, soft copper shadow and glossed coral lip. Makeup artist Samantha Lau kept her skin fresh  but semi-matte, adding a soft flush of peachy-toned colour on the cheeks. Her brows – which are arguably some of the most enviable in Hollywood – were groomed but natural.

The incredible hair was created by Owen Gould: a softly sculpted up-to with a voluminous pouf towards the front hairline. The look was twisted in all the right places, with pieces artfully placed to create a fanned-out, highly technical shape.

And those nails! A mash-up of flames, marbled texture, stars, reverse French tips and ghoulish smileys, it was undoubtedly one of the best manicures we’ve seen (especially in the era of glazed/donut/metallic/cloud/angel nails).

Paired with those earrings (!), and her tailored white shirt and leather ensemble (Tabasco was expertly styled by Mimi Cutrell), it was a look for the ages.

Here’s also hoping that Lucia Greco also somehow finds her way into The White Lotus season 3 (which has just been confirmed to be set in Thailand). There’s no word yet, but we need another powerful female returning cast member to fill the Jennifer Coolidge-shaped hole in our hearts. In the interim, enjoy Lucia and Mia moonlight at Skims Valentine’s Day models.

This article originally appeared on Grazia International.

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