Tried And Tested: We Tried Skinscape’s Secret Duo RF Microneedling Treatment And Here’s What We Thought About It

No pain, no gain. And there's proof in the pictures.
Tried And Tested: We Tried Skinscape's Secret Duo RF Microneedling Treatment And Here's What We Thought About It
Photo Credit: Santo Ruiz

Scientists back in the eighties and even novelists predicted that in our current future, most of us Earthlings would be living on the moon or jetting around in flying cars. We’re not that close yet but for now, there are wonderful technological advancements that permanently plump the lips within just a few uses, stave off the effects of time as we sleep, and with Skinscape’s Secret Duo RF Microneedling treatment, allow us (or to be more specific, Doctor Harvey Ho who is the first doctor to bring this treatment to our shoes) to remodel the skin from the inside out within just one session.

There’s good and bad news though and I’ll give you the good first: this treatment is a one-and-done combo of RF Microneedling and an Erbium Glass laser. The former uses fine medical-grade needles (though they puncture the skin slightly deeper than a tattoo) to deliver RF heat energy which in turn, increases collagen production and tightens the skin. The latter are tiny Star Wars-like beams to create micro-injuries to the deeper layers of the skin that cause a new epidermis to emerge. Say hello to your new reflection that has shallower wrinkles and lighter scarring and then, say goodbye to your base makeup.

The bad is not that catastrophic in a cosmetic sense if you’re used to such treatments and understand that there always is a chance of pain (though the Secret Duo RF Microneedling treatment has been designed to be as gentle as possible). After all, it involves creating said injuries to the skin and for over an hour, Doctor Ho was my temporary nemesis turned best friend after seeing its results.

The Treatment

Before Doctor Ho goes to town on your face, there is the customary application of numbing cream on the face for 45 minutes before a nurse approaches you shortly to offer you oral painkillers. This is part of the lore and I highly suggest you take them—I’d like to think my pain tolerance is immeasurable courtesy of my tattoos and having survived 2016 but seriously, just take them.

The process of RF Microneedling can be particularly painful around the thinner parts of the face and Doctor Ho usually goes in at a 50% intensity which is the optimum percentage for immediate results. This is something he will thoughtfully let you know before starting and it’s not a negative thing, especially since he offers to inject you mid-way with a painkiller if you’re tearing up.

Next comes the Erbium Glass laser which felt like nothing save for the snapping sounds and occasional burning smell—no pain, all smiles. However, my face felt hot and tight afterwards with an effect somewhat similar to a bad sunburn. This is all part and parcel of the Secret Duo RF Microneedling Treatment and honestly, could look and feel worse. The receptionist will kindly provide you with a mask if you have to take public transportation home and also, a steroid cream to be applied for up to a week.

The Results

The redness lasted for about a week and I experienced some flaking the day after which is once again, a commonality that happens with this treatment. This means you need to stave off any skincare actives, sun exposure, and makeup until the real results show: the first will be compliments or questions about what makeup you’re wearing (surprise plot twist!) and the second, how you’ll notice you look so much brighter, tighter, and livelier even if you have the sleeping habits of a nocturnal mammal.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the treatment and while full results start showing after a month, I can’t stop massaging my cheeks and trying to pull them only for them to immediately spring back like in a skincare commercial. Also, the proof is in the pictures. My friends have been asking if I’ve been retouching my photos shot under dim lighting. Sorry haters, all it takes is one visit to Doctor Ho.

Make an appointment today for Skinscape’s Secret Duo RF Microneedling treatment where a session costs $2,200 before GST.