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Toh Ziling’s Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine

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Toh Ziling's Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine

When Re:erth first launched in 2017, it did so in a year where some of the top Google searches were “24k gold mask”, “bath bombs”, and “carbonated cleansing”. Complicated, yes. Necessary for good skin? Not really to be honest. This, however, made Re:erth’s launch special because with just six unisex products —a purifying bar, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum and eye cream—they essentially created a complete skincare routine sans-sunscreen that promised one thing: use them all diligently and your skin will be restored to its most optimal health.

The brand’s co-founder Toh Ziling pictured above is the best example of the term “mochi skin” which customers of Re:erth buy into. It means that your skin is soft, plump, and baby-like but compared to glass skin, “mochi skin” is all about a shine-free luminosity which can only come from optimal hydration and elasticity.

In this interview, Toh lists down some ways she finds joy in the smallest of things, activities to do in Tokyo of which she frequently visits, and of course, her steps to travel proofing a skincare routine with the best-of from the Singapore brand.

Toh Ziling's Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine

1. A skincare product that protects the skin across all cities, climates, and countries
Without a doubt, Multi-Targeted Elixir ($116), a skin-refining serum made with RE:ERTH’s patented dual Japanese turmerics, and APPS, a highly stabilized amphiphilic Vitamin C.

Its efficacy is recognized in over 35 countries, even in challenging climates such as the hot and arid conditions of Saudi Arabia and the harsh, snowy winters of Sweden. What sets this serum apart is its ability to work its magic within the deeper layers of your skin.

It dries down quickly and leaves no trace, offering an ideal choice for those who avoid sticky layers of skincare.

2. A skincare product that instantly calms sensitivity
Identifying the exact cause can be a time-consuming process, whether it’s external aggressors or internal factors. In such cases, it’s best to pare down and I choose RE:ERTH’s Clarifying Cleanser ($75).

This gentle, low-foaming cleanser is pH balanced and helps calm my skin instantly without aggravating the problem.

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3. A skincare product she never fails to pack in her travel kit
I tend to break out a little whenever I fly. As a germaphobe, I always wear a KF94 mask onboard. Our Barrier Control ($87) has saved me countless times, killing only C. Acnes bacteria while calming and soothing my inflamed skin with its minty gel texture.

It’s a IYKYK anti-acne serum that is definitely worth the luggage space! 

Toh Ziling's Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine
Photo credit: Cafe & Dining ZelkovA

4. The best restaurant to people-watch in Tokyo
Cafe & Dining ZelkovA’s outdoor terrace overlooks the bustling streets of Omotesandō, providing an ideal spot for afternoon tea while taking in the fashionable surroundings. The cafe’s location is in close proximity to the youthful Harajuku, chic Aoyama, and a leisurely stroll away from the serene Meiji Shrine.

I love to admire the trendy fashion and modern architecture of the area, and the beautiful zelkova trees, especially during the autumn and winter seasons.

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Photo credit: Sazanka

5. The best place for a relaxing dinner in Tokyo
Sazanka, the teppanyaki restaurant at The Okura in Tokyo, provides an impeccable dining experience. Situated on the 41st floor of a historic and elegant Japanese estate, the restaurant offers breathtaking views.

I hold this restaurant in high esteem and always recommend it to my closest friends.

Toh Ziling's Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine
Photo Credit: cosme TOKYO

6. The best place for beauty junkies to buy products in Tokyo
I think many are familiar with the vast array available at cosme TOKYO. As someone who generally avoids crowds, going to a beauty salon called uka GINZA SIX provides a more relaxing and fun experience.

Photo Credit: uka GINZA SIX

It’s intriguing to observe how combining two nail polish shades or layering them can produce different tones and hues, resulting in healthier-looking hands immediately! 

Toh Ziling's Guide to Travel Proofing Your Skincare Routine
Photo credit: Tripadvisor

7. The best bar to spend the night in Tokyo 
While Maduro might be an obvious one for its great live jazz music, cocktails, and whiskey options, my husband and I recently stumbled upon jazz cafe london 六本木 and found it charming, with that speakeasy vibe, making it a great spot to unwind after a long day.

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8. The best skincare tip she has taught someone
That your skin ‘type’ doesn’t define your skin’s condition, as it is constantly changing. Skin-type product purchasing doesn’t always result in the best outcomes as skin is a complex organ that can be affected by various factors, including lifestyle habits, environment, and even emotional state.

By taking a holistic approach and considering what makes skin healthier, one can identify products and create a ritual that works in harmony with the skin to improve its overall quality (RE:ERTH’s philosophy in creating products!), hence leading to a more enjoyable and meaningful skincare experience, as well as better results in the long run.

9. The best podcast to help her get inspired
The Light Podcast, by Michelle Obama is a series I’ve been listening to recently, while getting ready for the day, and I enjoy her signature wit and openness as she imparts insights on navigating the uncertainties of today’s world.

Episode five with David Letterman struck a chord with me, as they emphasised the significance of small actions in effecting substantial change. Their conversation highlighted the importance of making progress, rather than striving for perfection, as a means of avoiding overwhelm, staying focused on our goals, and ultimately achieving them.

10. A product that she thinks will break the internet soon
I’m super excited about the Illuminating Concentrate ($128), which is chef’s kiss in every way. I know of users who have done laser treatments, religiously reapplied sunscreen, and tried many other brightening products but nothing worked as well as this.

It fades existing dark spots away while preventing new ones from forming. It’s non-sensitizing, safe under the sun, and even has anti-glycation effects. It sold out so quickly at Boutiques Fair in March, we’ve only recently restocked it, so there’s no need to gatekeep it anymore!