Tiktok’s Hottest Skincare Trends Of 2023

With advice for experts on what to do and what *not* to do when trying these trends at home
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In a world where beauty trends constantly evolve, TikTok has become a hotspot for skincare enthusiasts to share their latest hacks and remedies for radiant, healthy skin. And as 2023 starts to near its end, it’s no surprise that a variety of skincare trends have taken center stage, with experts are chiming in on which trends to embrace and which to approach with caution.

With TikTok’s vast ocean of skincare content, The Body Shop is helping you uncover the top 10 SkinTok trends of the year, with added insights from Advanced Skin Practitioner and Founder of Re/Skin, Rebecca Elsdon, to guide you through the world of TikTok skincare sensations.

  1. Dermaplaning (4.2 billion views)
  2. Face Yoga (2.2 billion views)
  3. Gua Sha (2 billion views)
  4. Lymphatic Drainage (922 million views)
  5. Skincycling (492.6 million views)
  6. Hydrocolloid Patch (spot treatment) (398.4 million views)
  7. Skinimalism (49.3 million views)
  8. Skinflooding (44 million views)
  9. Tantouring (29.6 million views)
  10. Skinstreaming (29 million views)
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1. Be Cautious with DIY Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning, the most popular SkinTok trend of 2023, with over 4 billion views, involves using a scalpel to exfoliate the skin and remove facial hair. However, skincare expert Elsdon warns against attempting this at home. The process can strip away the skin’s natural barrier, making it more susceptible to breakouts and damage. Instead, opt for exfoliating products and vitamin C to achieve smooth, radiant skin.

2. The Benefits of Facial Yoga

Face yoga, with over 2 billion TikTok views, offers a natural way to lift and tone facial muscles without invasive procedures. Elsdon notes that facial yoga has the added benefits of relaxation and stress relief. However, she advises commitment and consistency to achieve long-term results.

3. & 4. Gua Sha and Lymphatic Drainage for Sculpted Appearance

Gua sha and lymphatic drainage have gained immense popularity in 2023, with billions of views. Gua sha involves using a tool to stimulate circulation and promote toxin drainage, resulting in improved skin tone, reduced puffiness, and a radiant glow. When done correctly, it is a safe and effective method for enhancing skin health and well-being.

5. Support the Skin Barrier with Skincycling

Skincycling, with over 492 million TikTok views, involves intermittently using active products to allow the skin to repair between applications, reducing the risk of irritation. The Re/Skin founder emphasizes the importance of using the right products for skincycling, as incorrect choices can worsen specific skin conditions. Finding the right balance is key, and skincycling should mainly apply to active products like retinol and AHAs.

Elsdon concludes, “It’s never one size fits all, and if in doubt, see a professional like a dermatologist.” Skincare trends can be enticing, but knowing how to adapt them to your unique skin needs is crucial for maintaining healthy and radiant skin in 2023 and beyond.

This article originally appeared on Grazia International