This TikTok Contour Hack Is For The Round-Faced Girlies

Once again, TikTok comes through...
Photo: Instagram / @lanacondor

The round-faced struggle is all too real—just earlier this year, buccal fat removal hit an all time high in popularity, proving the beauty standard still seems to stand despite all movements of body positivity and self-acceptance. Sky high cheekbones and sunken cheeks may speak to the beauty zeitgeist of today, thanks to the prominence of models and influencers sporting the look—by natural or surgical means, but for the rounder-faced girls out there, we just can’t seem to catch a break. The discourse surrounding buccal fat removal was pretty conclusive: the risks obviously outweigh the benefits, especially when you’re after that modelesque look. Going under the knife prematurely only causes further ageing after a few years, as most people tend to lose facial fat over the years when collagen production slows down. In a nutshell, buccal fat removal may be a quick fix for chubby cheeks, but it’s not going to age well.

Your best bet? Contour. Surely makeup can offer some alleviation of the dreaded moon-face look, but for the longest time the question still begs, as best put across by TikTok influencer Erika Titus: “how do you contour a circle?”

@kyjamesmua #stitch with @Erika hope this helps my other fellow round face hoes 🫶🏻 #makeuptutorial #erikatitus #roundfaceshape #contour #jbeauty #kbeauty #fypシ ♬ original sound – kyjamesmua

Of course, TikTok came to the rescue. The solution put across by makeup artist and fellow round-face girlie Kylee James was simply a matter of contour placement. Start by finding the spot below the corner of your outer-eye, right below your cheekbone and concentrate your contour dotted at that point, then simply diffuse the contour upwards and blend away. It may seem rather simple, but after giving it a shot myself—the difference is striking. The initial placement of contour may seem a little off-putting since it’s right in the middle of your cheeks, but that’s precisely why it works so well; it creates a slight hollow underneath the cheekbone, giving your face the definition that is oh-so-desirable.

@erikatitus @kyjamesmua ♬ original sound – Erika

If you’re desperate to shave off some of the facial fat without the steep price tag and recovery time, we suggest you try this contour method out for yourself, stat. Below, find some products that’ll give you that chiseled cheekbone.