By GRAZIA Singapore

Our Honest, Unfiltered Review Of The Tik-Tok Famous Shark FlexStyler

We all love a dupe...but how does it really perform?
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4 months ago, I stumbled across an enthusiastic beauty review on TikTok—which isn’t uncommon considering the massive beauty community on the platform, but this particular product stood out to me because I specifically in the market for a good hair dryer to tame my unruly mane; Singapore’s humidity was really starting to get the better of my hair. The reviewer in question had a Dyson Airwrap lookalike in her hand, and the minute she started spewing endless compliments about the ease of use and versatility of the Shark FlexStyler—all for the fraction of the price, I knew that I’d fallen into the trap of impulsive TikTok purchasing. Who doesn’t love a good deal? But upon my swift decision to look it up on Amazon to make a purchase, it was sold out everywhere.

In retrospect, this was probably a blessing in disguise—because the Shark FlexStyler has officially entered the Singapore market. Previously only for sale in the North American region via Amazon, the Tik-Tok approved styler is now available at Best Denki, Tangs, Metro, Harvey Norman, Courts, Lazada and Shopee, the innovative hair tool retails at SGD499. A steal, if you ask me.

Photo: Courtesy of Shark

Multi-purpose hair styling tools have changed the hair game since it first launched, and having made the switch from traditional hair straighteners and tools in exchange for hair stylers, I tried out the Shark FlexStyler for a month to see if it lives up to the hype.

Overall Experience

If you’re a complete newbie to multi-purpose stylers, adjusting to the Shark FlexStyler is pretty much seamless. Thanks to the rotatable nozzle, it still doubles up as your regular ol’ hairdryer but frankly, it’d be a waste to use it without the range of attachments it comes with. Upon unboxing the styler, all components just feel well made. The case that houses the styler itself along with the attachments looks sleek and holds everything with good space to spare—it’s a little bulky to bring on your travels, but personally I’ve made do with carrying the individual pieces in my suitcase, strategically cushioned within my clothes.

Photo: Courtesy of Shark

Admittedly, the styler does feel a little heavy, especially if you’ve got thicker hair like myself and need a little more dry time. Using the cold shot function also does require a little bit of dexterity and coordination, along with a side of patience if you’re in a rush—but trust me, the few seconds of cool air will go a long way when you’re using the curling barrels.

Overall, I’ve found myself reaching for the styling concentrator and paddle brush attachments the most on a day to day basis. First to dry my scalp and inner layers of hair, then following it up with the paddle brush for a sleek finish. Total dry time? 10 minutes if I’m quick, and up to 20 minutes if I decide to do a little bit of styling.

The Attachments

Photo: Courtesy of Shark

The diffuser has really been a game changer for my frizzy hair. Before the Shark FlexStyler, embracing my frizzy-slash-curly hair was a struggle with other hair tools. The Shark diffuser attachment is easy to use, and works great with textured hair to maintain and enhance natural curl patterns. Just remember to use a curl cream beforehand to maximise the bounce.

Mastering the curling barrels comes with a steep learning curve, and truth be told, I’ve yet to master it fully. While I can pull off near-flawless curls on my right side, getting the curls down on my left remains a challenge. Longevity-wise, the curls did stay in tact for half a day before loosening up into more natural waves (which may be more up your alley if you’re not into tighter coils). When using the curling barrels, using the high air and heat setting may be the most efficient to ensure your hair gets a good grip on the barrel.

The paddle and oval brushes are great for the low maintenance girls who still want a polished finish. They’re both rather fool-proof, but if you’re seeking to emulate the Matilda Djerf blow out, it will take a little bit more time and effort with the oval brush to achieve more volume and shape. My hair is naturally frizzy, but after using the styler to dry my hair with the paddle and oval brushes, the frizz is significantly tamed for the days to follow.

Is it worth the splurge?

In a nutshell, yes—especially if you’re still using a traditional blow-dryer. Sure, it may come at a steeper price point, but it’s well worth it considering everything you can achieve with just one tool. The styler itself feels well-made and durable, and even the storage case that houses the tools has great structural integrity. Overall, I’ve been getting great use out of my styler and it’s a great alternative to the other multi-stylers in the market. If you’re considering upgrading your hair routine, the Shark FlexStyler may just be the perfect starting point.