The Best Beauty Snaps That We Caught Over The Weekend: 5–7 April

Here's some inspiration on how to achieve glowing skin, hair and nails
Here's some inspiration on how to achieve glowing skin, hair and nails, from the likes of Lisa from Blackpink and beauty creator Ana Takahashi
Photo: Instagram / @f.bermann

This weekend was an action-packed one, with two concerts on our little island, by K-pop princesses ITZY and the man himself, Bruno Mars. If your weekend was as busy as ours was, you might have missed some of the best moments on Tiktok and Instagram. But fret not, we’ve got your back. Below, we’ve put together a list of the best beauty snaps to draw inspiration from, including a textured tulip nail set that we simply cannot get over, and an easy way to add some fun to your next eyeliner look.

Lisa’s Hair At Her Fanmeet In Thailand

We know, we know, we’ve been talking nonstop about Lisa lately. But what can we say? When Lisa serves, she serves. Just yesterday, Lisa held a fanmeet in Thailand, much to the delight of her Thai Blinks. While her look, a fully knitted cream dress with an oversized braid, was a definite slay, what caught our eyes was her hairstyle. Not only did the Blackpink star part her signature bangs to give us an all-too-rare glimpse at her forehead, she opted to keep her hair out of her face in two long, thin braids, casually serving an editorial hairstyle.

Space Princess Makeup Look (And How To Achieve Perfect Circles With Your Liner)

Over the weekend, we spotted this space princess-inspired look, courtesy of Denmark-based creator Freja Bermann. Armed with water-activated eyeliners, Bermann combines the royal tones of purple, gold and silver to create a mystical beat. What’s even better is that Bermann shared a key tip, for anyone who has ever tried to draw circles freehand. She dipped the rims of small plastic lids into her water-activated liners to create the outlines of a circle, instead of trying to manually draw on each ring. Genius!

Layered, Textured Tulip Nails

In the spirit of spring, we’ve been loving floral nail sets, especially if the design has some 3D elements. So imagine the instant heart-eyes when we stumbled upon this tulip set. From the 3D foundation, to the metallic silver base coat and the hand-painted flowers, we can’t get over the little details on each one of these tulip nails. This South Korean creator even finished off the leaves of the tulips with a paper-thin sticker to add some life to the miniature blooms. It’s textures upon textures here.

2010s-Inpired Makeup Look

We’re in our 2010s nostalgia era, what about you? London-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi showed us the best elements of 2010s makeup with this look she posted over the weekend. Straying away from the typical icy blues, Takahashi brought cool tones to the eyes through shimmery green shadows and smokey eye contours to bring out the depth in the look. For the lips, Takahashi opted for a true nude—perfectly matching the model’s skin tone—and exaggerated her natural high brow for a dramatic finish. Plus, we love how we can see the model’s freckles in all their glory; we love seeing makeup on real skin.

In Praise Of Double Cleansing


DOUBLE CLEANSING is one of the most important skincare steps. A balm paired with a gentle non stripping cleanser. My favorite brands: Melts – Banila Clean It Zero $21 for a big fill, Versed $28, Farmact $36, Elemis $40 Cleanser- Fresh soy $39, first aid $24, Rhode pineapple $28, Cetaphil $12, Kiehls $25 #skincare #doublecleansing

♬ original sound – BUNNY

All beauty girlies know that glass skin has been the goal in skincare lately. What originated in the K-beauty scene has now found its way into the mainstream beauty market, infiltrating even the Western countries. And Sharon Pak, a creator on BeautyTok, shared how she achieves glass skin at 32 years old. Watch her Tiktok, and you’ll immediately notice how clear and smooth her skin is. The one skincare tip Pak swears by? Double cleansing. To Pak, that means using a balm that melts the buildup of gunk and makeup away, followed by a gentle (not stripping) facial cleanser to keep your pores clear of any impurities. So before you drop hundreds on the fanciest retinol-based products or luxury moisturisers, consider this your sign to rethink your current cleansing regime.

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