Sofia Richie Grainge Gives You A Step-By-Step Video Guide On How To Achieve Her Slick Bun

The model details the one vital trick to styling her "lazy girl bun"
Credit: Instagram / @sofiarichiegrainge

Something has happened in the past year to Sofia Richie Grainge. To many, she’s (rather unfairly) always been known as extensions of the men in her life; she is “Lionel Richie’s daughter,” she used to be “Scott Disick’s younger girlfriend.” But, the 24-year-old model, now married to British record executive Elliot Grainge, has come into her own in the past 12 months as a highly watchable, fashion and beauty internet muse. And netizens can’t get enough.

However, may the record show, Richie Grainge’s slick bun has predated all of those wedding headlines. Yes, before the Kardashians, before the CHANEL tweed combos, there was Sofia Richie Grainge’s perfect, wet-look bun. Well, finally she has revealed how she achieves the look—and as TikTokers discovered this week, as easy as it is to replicate, there is one key trick to styling it: sectioning the hair. Let’s take a look.

Credit: Instagram / @sofiarichiegrainge

How To Achieve Sophia Richie Grainge’s Slick Bun In 7 Easy Steps

Sofia Richie Grainge took to TikTok on September 3 to give her 3.3 million followers a slick bun tutorial for the ages, or the “sleek lazy girl bun” as she calls it. Here are her instructions, transcribed in easy steps.

Step 1. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge

1.While the hair is wet, give yourself a strong centre part. Add some detangling spray post wash and gently brush the knots out of your hair. While the hair is still wet, and using a tail-comb or the likes, draw a part done the centre of your head.

2.Put a hair mask in. While Richie Grainge says, she “can pretty much do this hairstyle with any product” she uses an oil, an Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion and a regenerating hair mask. Use the latter through your entire hair, liberally, and ensuring you get the little hairs around your neckline.

Step 3. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge
Step 3. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge

3. Part your hair behind your ear. Using a tail-comb, draw a line from your part to the back of your ear on each side. Swirl the front section of your hair and secure with a clip.

4.Secure your bun position. “This is the moment where you decide where you want your bun to live,” says Richie Grainge. Using the Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion which she applies to the entire back part of her hair (read: the bun), Richie Grainge then uses a bristle hair brush to create a ponytail in the position she wants her bun to sit. Try and smooth out as many bumps as possible.

Step 5. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge

5.Attach the front parts of your hair to the ponytail. Take the clips out of the front section of your hair, seal the hair with the lotion, and then brush one side of the hair back and “as tight against your head as you can,” says Richie Grainge. Tie that side to the ponytail with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge
Step 6. Credit: TikTok / @sofiarichiegrainge

6.Twist the ponytail into a bun. And secure with a fourth hair tie. “Brush out any imperfections,” says Richie Grainge. “Honestly because it started wet, it is so secured to your head.” Use the lotion to secure any flyaways.

7.Use an oil to seal the hair. “For that extra sleek, shine, I think that makes all the difference,” says Richie Grainge.

Is Sofia Richie Grainge Slick Bun Bad For Your Hair?

A lot of commenters on TikTok, many whom include hairdressers, have forewarned users that doing this style on wet hair can lead to breakage. Proceed at your own risk, or try on dry hair (preferably the day before it needs to be washed).

The Exact Products Sofia Richie Grainge Uses To Achieve Her Slick Bun


Sofia Richie Grainge Slick Bun Tutorial TikTok

Watch the full tutorial below.


Sleek lazy girl bun 🫶🏼

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Take a look as this sweet TikToker replicating Sofia Richie Grainge’s slick bun. It looks amazing!

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