By Men’s Folio

The Dirty Truth Of Protecting the Skin Microbiome

The good stuff

How far does the Sisley Ecological Compound Advanced Formula go in protecting the skin microbiome? It boosts the skin’s immunity while spreading good bacteria.

As you are reading this story right now, there are trillions of microsopic organisms (mostly bacteria, actually) that are cohabitating on and in your skin’s various layers. This is what scientists call a microbiome; a sort-of “rainforest-like” environment where the skin is truly healthy if all the bacteria are “playing nicely” together to put it simply.

However, what is skin health when it comes to how a microbiome works? To summarise it and to move on to how powerful the Sisley Ecological Compound Advanced Formula is: it protects the skin from viruses by strenghtening its barrier while controlling everything from how efficiently it absorbs nutrients to its immunity.

This knowledge of how truly important protecting the skin microbiome is was not lost on Sisley in 1980 when it created the Ecological Compound. Ecological means “of or relating to the environments of living things or to the relationships between living things and their environments” and compound equals to “a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture”. In short, the good people at Sisley studied what makes a microbiome truly healthy and why it weakens over time. Lastly, it studied how to strengthen it.

To bring the Ecological Compound Advanced Formula into the now, Sisley didn’t just consider protecting the skin microbiome. Instead, it took them 40 years to reformulate the product to consider something a new concern that most people have now when it comes to their skin: the supporting of its vital functions to make sure that the skin is even more protected.

While the brand claims that there are two new functions to the product, the first has already existed since the launch of product in the ’80s albeit now powered. Burdock extract has been blended in to promote the spread of inulin (what they consider good bacteria as it draws water from the environment and into the skin) and meadowsweet extract as it stimulates the production of natural antimicrobial peptides. In short, it fights off bad bacteria while “building the blocks” on one’s skin to protect against external stressors like pollution, bacteria, and even dirt.

Next, and on a mission to improve the supporting of the skin’s vital functions while protecting the skin microbiome even more efficiently, Sisley enhanced two existing actives in the compound. The first is centella asiatica with its extract used being 3,500 more concentrated to further optimise the skin’s barrier function and the second, hops extract to tone the skin and revitalise it as it is high in antioxidant power.

Lastly, they considered the skin’s natural pH that hovers between 4.5 to 5.5. The Sisley Ecological Compound Advanced Formula comes at 5 to better balance the flora and to work across most skin types (like every product you use, it’s best to do a patch test first).

While the Sisley Ecological Compound Advanced Formula can be considered to do many things like protecting the skin microbiome, acting as a quick relief product if things go south and angry or even a calming salve to “restart” one’s skincare routine, there is one particular trait that existing customers loved about the original that has been retained. It still smells wonderfully green and calming.