Sharul Channa On Personality, Authenticity, And Representation

"You can get dressed in a feminine way that promotes the acceptance of your sensual and sexual energy in an understated way."
Sharul Channa On Personality, Authenticity, And Representation
Singapore’s funniest woman aka Sharul Channa (@theshahrulchanna) keeps it real on stage and with her personal beauty standards. Photo Credit: KC Eng

With stand-up comedians, you can dress up really well and look good but it defeats the entire point if you can’t make people laugh. I think it’s probably one of the few industries where there’s no such thing as pretty privilege.

You’re also forced to work on your personality when you’re a person of colour, even though you might look good. But for me, after many years I’ve come to a point where I just need to look clean.

I need to wear something that matches my personality and not because everybody else is wearing it. Accept your body for what it is at the moment and dress it accordingly. It’s about what matches your personality and also about comfort and representation. I think that’s what beauty means to me.

I can’t understand when my friends are saying that they can’t leave the house without makeup because they’re so conscious that people are going to see their actual skin. I have imperfect skin because of fluctuating hormones, but people are going to stop looking at you after a while because they’d rather hear what you have to say.”

Below, Sharul Channa shares her beauty inspirations.