This Electric Hermès Lipstick Collection Deserves Your Full Attention—Here’s Why

A bright idea indeed!
The Electric Energy Of the Rouge Hermès Limited-Edition Collection

Come Spring/Summer 2024 and going on what we’ve seen from the runways, makeup is in its pretty era. This translates to a barely-there gleam on the cheekbones, softly defined lips, and whispers of colours but Hermès Beauty’s creative director Gregoris Pyrpylis isn’t interested in pretty (though he can do so if you request it). He’s interested in personality instead, especially when it comes to the transformative qualities of lipstick. Voilà! This is what you’ll come to expect with the three new Rouge Hermès colours.

Their names speak for themselves—the deep red of 47 Rouge Cinétique, fluorescent pink of 41 Rose Pop, and electric orange of 44 Orange Néon—but while such shades can signify adopting a guise that can be gaudy, Pyrpylis has designed their excess in tint and opacity to be part of its appeal.

“With the Rouge Hermès spring-summer 2024 limited-edition collection, we explore colour in its purest expression. The shades are rich, generous and bold. Applied to the lips, they illuminate the face with their matte, light-absorbing finish and attract attention with their temperament, both joyous and assertive. A true style statement” says Pyrpylis which means its finish isn’t just a joy to experience. Part of the joy is how their colours help us bring our dreams to life.

47 Rouge Cinétique is slightly askew and retro in a swans-of-Truman-Capote way but made modern to last through sips of bites of sole grillée and sips of wine as you lunch, darling whereas 44 Orange Néon can go from Studio 54 disco diva to a well-rested vacationer in Saint Tropez depending on how many times you swipe it on. As for 41 Rose Pop? Barbie-core shows no signs of stopping and rumour has is that a Legally Blonde 3 is in the works.

In true Hermès fashion, the packaging of the Rouge Hermès Limited-Edition Collection has been turned into an object of desire. While not originally quotidian in look, its striped tube now plays with contrasting summer colours that make it perfectly acceptable for reapplication in public. And if you’re feeling like the main character for the day, yes, they still close with a satisfying and attention-grabbing click.

Go ahead and take a swipe: the Rouge Hermès Limited-Edition Collection is priced at $116 and is available online or in-store.