Balance and Boost From Head To Toe With These Quick Treatments

These not-so-basic treatments harness hard science for fast results, restoring the elements that keep us feeling and looking healthy from top to toe
Balance and Boost From Head To Toe With These Quick Treatments
These not-so-basic treatments harness hard science for quick results, restoring the elements that keep us feeling and looking healthy from top to toe.

In our fast-paced lives, it is inevitable that we overlook certain aspects of our wellbeing. After all, who isn’t guilty of grabbing a greasy bite from our favourite fast food joint amidst work meetings and spin classes? 

Or perhaps you can be found knocking back one too many cocktails during happy hour. If you are beginning to feel the effects of these not-so-wise decisions, perhaps it’s time to hit reset with these quick treatments, from skin-enhancing fixes to immunity-boosting therapies that will have you looking and feeling fabulous in no time at all. 

Pictured Above: Boost Your Immunity with Electro-Lymphatic Therapy by Oriental Remedies Group at Trapeze Rec Club, from $159 for 60 minutes

If you often feel bloated, experience stiffness in your neck and shoulders and are prone to cold hands and feet, chances are, you have poor lymphatic circulation.

For starters, lymphatic circulation is the transportation of lymph, a fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells which work in tandem with our circulatory system and comprises an extensive network of vessels, capillaries, tissues and organs.

A healthy lymph circulation relies on adequate physical activity, which explains why those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to stiffness, poor circulation and, you guessed it, falling sick. Designed to alleviate these modern-day ailments, the Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) uses an FDA-approved device to stimulate lymphatic flow and support optimal lymphatic drainage so toxins can be effectively flushed out of the body.

As a result, cells function healthier, bringing about a sense of well-being as well as an improved immune response. Plus, if you already lead an active lifestyle and exercise frequently, you’ll also notice quicker muscle recovery with regular sessions. 

The expert says… 

“ELT is also commonly used to boost the immunity of people undergoing cancer treatment or those with chronic conditions like eczema. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women, those with pacemakers or whoever has undergone surgery less than two weeks ago.”—Jesslyn Poh, lead therapist.

Balance and Boost From Head To Toe With These Quick Treatments

Improve Intercellular Communication with Skin Exosomes Therapy by BMF Singapore, $280 for 60 minutes or $78 for first-timers (35 minutes)

Found naturally in the body, exosomes are components that are vital to cell-to-cell communication. However, due to a multitude of various reasons like age or exposure to pollution, it deteriorates which in turn affects healthy cell functions.

This is where the Skin Exosomes Therapy (SET) comes in: Harnessing the power of exosomes, this treatment also involves microneedling and radiofrequency for visible results in just one session. Microneedling causes tiny tears in the skin to accelerate its natural healing process while RF energy is delivered deep in the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production with heat also improving microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

At the same time, an Expert Skin Booster that suits your skin type is applied topically to ensure maximum product absorption for a synergistic effect. Expect smooth and glowing skin. 

The expert says… 

“The skin will continue to improve for the following eight weeks due to continuous collagen regeneration triggered by our premium exosomes serum. For optimum results, we recommend that our clients minimally perform four to six sessions, four weeks apart.”—Helen Kartika, lead doctor

Balance Hormone Levels with cramp/less by Moom Health, $43.90 for a bottle of 60 capsules 

Did you know that according to data collected by Moom Health, one in three women suffer from period-related cramps, mood swings and bloating?

Designed to improve the period experience of women, Moom’s cramp/less is formulated with clinically studied ingredients like cinnamon, cramp bark, vitamins B1 and B6, ginger, manganese, copper, magnesium and peppermint, which work hand in hand to balance hormone levels and soothe muscles.

Working with leading naturopaths, nutritionists and gynaecologists, cramp/less relieves period-related woes by targeting the level of prostaglandins, which trigger increased inflammation, stronger cramps and more mood swings. 

The expert says…

“It needs to be taken from the start of your menstrual cycle, or ideally even one to two days before, and through the first three to five days. It works almost immediately for some, and for others, you may need to take it through up to three cycles to start feeling the impact. It is generally safe to take with any other medications, as it is 100% natural and plant-based, but if you are on long-term treatment or suffer from any severe medical conditions, we would always recommend checking with your medical practitioner.”—Lucy Wilcher, chief formulator

Balance and Boost From Head To Toe With These Quick Treatments

Restore Melanin Levels with MSC-NANOGOLD+™ Scalp Reprogramming Treatment by PHS HAIRSCIENCE, $359.60 for 90 minutes

Ideal for anyone with hair loss and greying issues, this all-in-one solution delivers Mesenchymal Stem Cells, peptides and antioxidants to regenerate and maintain the hair follicles while activating melanin production for fuller, younger-looking hair. Active ingredients are encapsulated in a bio-compatible Pure Colloidal Gold for efficient and time-released delivery over 20 hours.

And that’s not all: for best results, the treatment also features an ion roller massage, oxygen and plasma therapy to help support microcirculation, boost product absorption and promote anti-bacterial properties. 

The expert says… 

“Each session features a low-voltage plasma treatment that is safe for the vast majority of clients. However, for customers who are pregnant or have medical devices/metal implants in their bodies and wish to exercise extra caution, we offer the option of a specialised Botanical Booster Scalp Serum tailored to their specific scalp condition instead.”—Anita Wong, Group CEO & founder

Balance and Boost From Head To Toe With These Quick Treatments

Stimulate Collagen Production with Mizu Signature Radiance Revival at MIZU Aesthetics, $1,200 for 90 minutes

Designed to combat common skin problems from dullness to pigmentation and enlarged pores, this three-step treatment promises maximum results with minimum downtime. For starters, the FDA-approved Sylfirm X, a dual-wave RF microneedling device creates tiny micro-injuries to the skin, kickstarting its self-regenerative properties.

At the same time, RF energy induces an instant tightening effect while supporting the gradual synthesis of new collagen fibres over time. Next, Skin Boosters from the Cytocare S Lineare injected into superficial layers of the skin to provide deep hydration and antioxidant benefits.

As a final step, the Pro Yellow Laser is administered to reduce redness and clear pigmentation for a unified complexion. You might notice some redness and bumps immediately after the session, but these should clear up in a couple of days.

And if you’re an avid user of vitamin C, retinol and exfoliating acids, they should be avoided for about one-week post-treatment. 

The expert says… 

“Prior to and after the treatment, avoid strong or prolonged sun exposure for at least a week to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation. For pregnant women, we would always recommend that they consult their gynaecologist for advice on their suitability first, although women in the third trimester are generally not recommended for this treatment. This treatment is suitable for most skin types, but those with sensitive skin like eczema or severe acne should avoid it. The latter may experience purging after the treatment.”—Dr Tan Ying Zhou, medical direct