The Preppy Skincare Trend Is Here To Brighten Up Your Beauty Routine

Go bright or go home
Courtesy of @drunkelephant

Millennials have their pink, skin minimalists have their muted shades and subtle branding and skintellectuals have their clinical-looking formulations and tools. Meanwhile, Gen Z (and Gen A if early indications are anything to go by) are going bold and bright with their obsession with all things preppy skincare, according to reports from the Seen beauty group.

Unlike #preppycore, which appeals to a slightly older demographic (think Clueless-esq blazers, knee-high socks, soft knits and glossy blowouts), preppy skincare is unashamedly playful. It’s all about the packaging, with less attention paid to the actual contents and ingredients beyond how they layer up into a routine. Instead, the focus is on colour, with shelfies adorned with bright aquas and pinks, banana yellow, sky blue and pastel violet.

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TikTok is a veritable rainbow thanks to more than 136 million views of #preppyskincare videos, with content creators talking through their extensive stashes and how they organise them onto clear Perspex shelves, supermarket-style sweep hauls at Sephora and lengthy multi-step preppy skincare routines with TikTokers as young as 10 get involved. Brands dominating the trend include Byoma, Milk Makeup, Bubble, Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, Pixi and Sol de Janeiro. With their perky, jubilant packaging, it’s easy to see why.

So, add a burst of brightness to your beauty routine with GRAZIA’s edit of the best preppy skincare products that don’t just pack a colourful punch, but that actually do good for your skin too.

This article originally appeared on Grazia Middle East.