Meet Your New Manicure Obsession – Matcha Nails

Muted, earthy and oh so sophisticated

Let’s talk nail designs. 2023 has been the year the masses have really experimented with cute nail artbright colours and an abundance of nail shapes, from almond designs to coffin nails and even, more controversially, duck nails.

It only takes a scroll through our FYP on TikTok and we’re met with a myriad of new nail looks to try, many of them hooked on food and drink as it happens. We’ve had blueberry milk nails and the perfect milky manicure and lest we forget the sway Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut nails had over TikTok creators for months at a time.

The latest look to take pride of place on our Pinterest boards? Matcha nails. Intrigued? Read on…

What Are Matcha Nails?

Tea drinkers rejoice! This one’s for you. Inspired by the Japanese matcha latte, matcha tones of green nail polish are becoming some of the most highly requested in salons the world over. The brief? A muted, earthy shade of green that oozes subtle sophistication.

And that’s the only rule. Matcha nails come by way of a block colour, a minimalistic French manicure design or even green-toned daisy motifs – there’s every opportunity to be creative.

Why Are Matcha Nails Trending?

‘A matcha manicure is so aesthetically pleasing,’ explains celebrity manicurist Milly Mason. ‘It’s the perfect transitional colour as we dip into the first hints of autumn from summer and it looks great on all nail shapes. Whether you’re wearing it as part of a wider nail design or as one block shade I’d say it’s universally flattering. It’s no wonder it’s trending.’

Nail aficionados will already be well acquainted with the colour – it’s been cropping up on the fingertips of several celebrities and influencers of late. Rochelle Humes just sported chic matcha latte French tips prompting fans to hastily hit the like, save and share button.

Rochelle Humes Matcha Manicure

We round up the best matcha nail designs below…

Best Matcha Manicure Designs | 2023 Matcha Green Nails With Daisy Nail Art

Created by nail artist Phoebe Summer, this super sweet daisy manicure is providing us with serious inspiration – and we predict it’s set to dominate our social media feeds. If you’re after the perfect birthday nail design then this could be an excellent option. Keep nails short and square to keep this more playful design feeling sophisticated.

Green and Brown Matcha Nails

We’re officially on the cusp of autumn so it’s no wonder the masses are looking to winter nails and autumn manicures in a bid to add more depth to their look – think hues of coffee brownsberry redslight greys and deep blacks. This swirling take on the matcha trend is the perfect transitional manicure – plus the almond shape adds a dramatic edge.

Green Matcha Nails

Simple, classic and versatile, these matcha green nails are providing all the inspiration ahead of our next nail appointment. That glossy, high-shine finish? She’s a beauty!

Green Heart Nails

These green heart matcha latte nails make for the perfect Valentine’s Day nail design. Our top tip? Keep the base muted and minimal to allow the minty-hued hearts to pop. Dainty heart nail art designs are beloved among influencers – and who could blame them?

Matcha French Nails

Matcha latte French nails? Be still our beating hearts. Green nails couldn’t be more sought after right now, and this twist on the French manicure proves why. Opt for a creamy nude base and a short, square shape for the perfect micro manicure. Subtle, and oh so sweet.

Ombre Matcha Nails

A more muted take on the ombre trend(which often comprises of neon polish) these pastel green nails are perfect for those who prefer more natural nail designs with a twist.

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1. The Gel Bottle Matcha Latte Gel Nail Polish

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Ask your salon for ‘Matcha Latte’ by the Gel Bottle—it’s a new release and already proving a hit among manicurists. Just a single swipe delivers a deliciously muted, milky green guaranteed to delight.

2. Apres Nail French Polish Gel Manicure Greens in Very Copa-Setic

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Like a stronger brew? Then this could be just the ticket. Taking a slightly more olive-toned hue, this gel polish ensures chip-resistant wear for up to four weeks. Plus, the angled brush allows for super-precise application making it ideal for even the shakiest of hands.

3. The Gel Bottle Extreme Shine Top Coat

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If achieving a megawatt finish is your MO, then we’ve got you. This game-changing top coat from The Gel Bottle will prolong the length of your manicure for weeks. A little goes a long way.

4. Peacci Matcha Latte Nail Polish

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Matcha latte, anyone? A single layer of this polish from Peacci will ensure a super-pigmented base that’s bound to reel in the compliments. It’s the perfect matcha green with just a dash of milk.

5. Peacci Almond Nail Polish

Peacci Almond Nail Polish, $22.99. SHOP NOW

For the perfect barely there base look no further than Peacci’s ‘Almond.’ It’s our go-to for a subtle French manicure that oozes sophistication.

 6. Manicurist Nail Art Brush

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‘If creating a French tip yourself then use the thinnest brush you can find,’ says Millie. ‘And it’s so important you don’t overload the brush. Instead, take small amounts as it’s easier to add more polish as opposed to getting rid of excess.’

This article originally appeared on Grazia International