What Is Mascara Cocktailing? Meet The Trend That Celebrity Makeup Artists Love

Luscious lashes, here we come.
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When it comes to beauty, I’m a firm believer that there are no rules. Trends come and go, but you can dip in and out to see what works for you and what makes you feel good. I’m sure, then, that the way I like to do things is often seen as “wrong”. But honestly? I don’t care. I like to throw blush absolutely everywhere, I like to wear the same eyeshadow every single day and I like my lashes to look clumpy. (Gen Z-ers, look away!). The very point of makeup is to use it how you want. Something I’ve been doing for years is layering different mascaras to get my desired look. I never thought much of it and figured it was one of my own high-maintenance whims. But then “mascara cocktailing” started doing the rounds on TikTok and it was my time to shine.

“It’s the best way to get gorgeous lashes” – Kenneth Soh.

As I said, there’s no right or wrong way to do things, but if you like playing around with makeup and being creative, then this trend’s for you. Whether you like your lashes to look thick and lengthy, fluttery and fairy-like or clumpy and grungy (my fave), then read on to find out how to create your perfect look. Especially if you’re struggling to find one perfect mascara to tick all your boxes. Plus, I spoke exclusively to Kenneth Soh – makeup artist to the stars – to get the low-down on all things mascara cocktailing from a professional MUA’s perspective.

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First things first, what is mascara cocktailing? It’s exactly what it sounds like: layering mascaras until you’ve created your very own “cocktail” that delivers your ideal lash look. You want to use mascaras with different key benefits and formulas, like one thickening formula and one lengthening one, or one lengthening formula and one curling one. Personally, I opt for one that’s waterproof for both top and bottom lashes (you never know when a meltdown is next on the horizon), one that’s super volumizing on just the top lashes and then another formula – this time lengthening – layered on my upper lashes. I often get asked if I wear eyelash extensions, and that’s exactly the look I’m going for. If they aren’t in your face, I don’t want them. I find this look suits my big Asian features really well – the “clean girl” look just doesn’t work on me. Short of getting actual extensions though, no one mascara is going to give me the look I want, which is why this trend works so well for me. Kenneth Soh is also a fan:

“I’ve been doing this for years!” he gushes, “It’s the best way to get gorgeous lashes.”

“I always start with fuller formulas at the roots and do a coat, then I use a lengthening one in between coats to de-clump and separate.”

There you have it: this technique is essential to those in the know. Though the results are magical, the process isn’t for everyone. Huda Beauty’s Legit Lashes Mascara is a cocktailer’s dream, featuring two different formulas and two different brushes in one product – ideal for both volumising and lengthening. I once gifted this to my mum and she asked, “Who has the time to be using this?!”. So, needless to say, this technique is not for the five-mins-and-then-rush-out-the-house types among us.

Personally, I’m a three-formula girl, but you can use two, four, or as many as you like until you reach your ideal look. Jessica Alba of Honest Beauty opts for four during red-carpet events:

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This article originally appeared on Grazia Middle East.