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In the Mood For Love With Yoyo Cao And Armani Beauty

"The red is to die for as it's so classic, so chic!"
In the Mood For Love With Yoyo Cao And Armani beauty lip maestro satin
In the Red: Each Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin lipstick lives up to its lustrous name with a weightless formula that stays fresh and pigmented for up to 12 hours. Yoyo Cao’s shade of choice? A complexion-illuminating shade of red called 10 In Love ($60).

In partnership with Armani beauty

To only describe the new Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin series as just fashion-forward or lippies for everyone wouldn’t be accurate. We prefer the term “intimate”: soft, pillowy, and silky to the touch—imagine those three words and what you’ll get is the Lip Maestro Satin’s formula that is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

In the Mood For Love With Yoyo Cao And Armani beauty lip maestro satin

Thin and weightless, one swipe of this liquid lipstick contains a patented and skincare-derived double-gel thin film technology that makes it like no other. It gives the lipstick a skin-on-skin satin feel while evenly spreading pigmented colour across your lips, with little to no finessing needed, or touch-ups for up to 12 hours. The lipstick also incorporates skincare actives for instant hydration to the lips while smoothening lines and wrinkles, which makes it a lipstick, balm, and plumper all in one.

Another thing you will appreciate? The lipstick’s sleek, frosted bottle lends an alluring touch of luxe when whipped out of a makeup bag or set upon a makeup table.

Now, the question is: will sparks fly for you when you first experience the lipstick? For that, we’ll leave it to style savant Yoyo Cao to share how she likes to wear it, what loves means to her, and the last magical moment she had with a loved one.

In the Mood For Love With Yoyo Cao And Armani beauty lip maestro satin
Crisp and Clean: Featuring a new diamond-shaped applicator, every application of the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin is precise even if you’re using it on the go or on a moving vehicle. Pro tip: apply the lipstick inside the actual edge of your lips and smack them together for a more symmetrical application.

What does love mean to you? 
Love signifies the comforting realisation that, regardless of circumstances, there is always someone dependable upon whom you can rely on.

When do you know that you’re truly in love?
You know you’re truly in love when you experience overwhelming happiness and joy, and at times, even feel a fluttering sensation in your stomach.

What emotions do you associate with the colour red?

Love, passion, and strength.

In the Mood For Love With Yoyo Cao And Armani beauty lip maestro satin
In the Slick of Time: Expect fuller, healthier, and smoother lips after 14 days* courtesy of plant-based glycerin that provides optimum hydration and silicones that lock said hydration within the lips. Pro tip: the illuminating finish of the lipstick can also be used as a blusher where it imparts an ethereal glow on the cheeks.

What do you like about the Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin and the colour you are wearing for the shoot?
The pigmentation of this lipstick is superb as one swipe is all it takes for full opacity. The comfortable texture is truly remarkable and the red is to die for as it’s so classic, so chic!

How do you give comfort and care to your loved ones based on your love language?
Expressing encouragement and providing undivided attention during the moments when they require it the most.

Lastly, what is the most magical moment you’ve recently had with someone you loved? 

The shared adventure I had with my family this summer was truly magical! The enchanting moments were truly unforgettable.

The Armani beauty Lip Maestro Satin is priced at $60 and to book a beauty consultation service at the boutique, click here.

Photography Joel Low
Styling Gregory Woo
Makeup & Hair Manisa Tan
Photography assistants Eddie Teo
Styling Assistant Yulia See

*Self-assessment on 183 women between 18 and 60 years old from China.