Road Test: We Tried Illumia Therapeutics’ Cryo Fat Freeze Facial

Here's what we honestly think about the treatment
Photo: Courtesy of Illumia Therapeutics

In today’s time-pressed world, a multitasking treatment is a boon. So when Illumia Therapeutics invited me to try out their new Cryo Fat Freeze Facial, which promised to contour the face, slow down signs of ageing, and hydrate the skin, I was intrigued by this hardworking facial treatment. Given that the clinic’s unofficial tagline is to “achieve maximum results with minimal effort”, it comes as no surprise that their latest treatment would target not just one, but multiple skin concerns at one go.

Read on to find out what the full treatment process was really like.

The Treatment

Having never tried cryotherapy, I was a bit apprehensive of the procedure, voicing concerns about the treatment being potentially painful or having adverse side effects to my therapist before the session started. These were put to rest after my therapist explained the procedure to me in detail.

The treatment is touted as the first-ever thermal shock facial in Singapore, but contrary to the name, the treatment is anything but shocking. It involves applying soothing alternating temperatures for more effective results: the warm phase increases blood circulation and promotes detoxing in your skin, while the cold phase crystallises fat around your chin and slow down enzyme activities that cause ageing.

LED light treatment is further deployed to stimulate collagen production (red light) and calming (blue light) the skin. Overall, the treatment is supposed to contour and lift, and give you that v-shaped face.

Personally, I found that the treatment was a gentle and calming experience with no discomfort at any point. For those of you not used to LED light treatments, the red light treatment might be a bit overwhelming at the start, and requires some getting used to.

The Results

After the treatment, I could immediately see a visible improvement in the firmness of my skin and felt that my jawline did look more well-defined. What I did appreciate was that my skin looked and felt more well hydrated—the multitasking ability of the treatment was perfect for getting my skin in tip top shape in a short amount of time.

The Verdict

The Cryo Fat Freeze Facial is definitely going to be a fast favourite for those of you who want to see results in a flash. Whether you have an important business presentation or glamorous gala dinner to attend, it’s the perfect secret weapon for the busy individual.

Available at their outlets in Wheelock Place, Nex and i12 Katong, each session costs $198 (promotional price) for members, and $500 for non-members. For more information, visit