By Vanessa Ng

Hikari Mori Is Shiseido’s New Ambassador

The Japanese beauty talks wellness, routines, and skincare in her new campaign with Shiseido
Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido

Google her name, and you’ll find superlatives in the form of “fashion royalty” and “first Japanese native to attend the Met Gala”. But Hikari Mori, international model, activist and creative director of brand tefutefu, want us to see a different side to her. As the new Shiseido Eudermine Global Ambassador, she’s been sought out for her traits of vitality, energy, strength, and beauty—likened to the line of restorative skincare.

Granddaughter of renowned Japanese designer, Hanae Mori, Hikari has big shoes to fill in living up to the family legacy. From the 31-year-old’s illustrious career, though, it seems like she’s been doing a good job. She won the title of “Inspiring Woman”, at the Bulgari Aurora Awards in 2022, and took home the “Business With Attitude” award, courtesy of Figaro Japon. In her capacity as an activist, she fronts Plan International Japan, a non-profit dedicated to supporting girls in developing countries. As a creative director, she spotlights her motherland in sustainable products that pay homage to traditional Japanese artisanship. On the tefutefu site, you’ll find their philosophy to be “Energising Japan”—a rhetoric that seems to run through Hikari’s persona.

Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido

In her latest link up with the beauty brand, Hikari is the focus of the Japanese label’s latest campaign, “The Habits of Self-Restoration”. The model talks viewers through her personal wellness routines, exemplified through skincare, mindfulness, and sustainability. Her love for Mother Earth is evident, as she states, “I like the fact that Shiseido Eudermine focuses on ingredients coming from nature’s blessings such as kefir and Japanese rice. I love the naturally sweet scent, texture, and the sensation of it bringing out the skin’s inherent moisture.”

Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido

With her multi-faceted experiences, and a passion for nature at her core, her alignment with Shiseido’s Eudermine line seems almost uncanny. Shiseido’s Eudermine Activating Essence, stems from 1897, a continual evolution of its the brand’s first cosmetic product, Red Water. Since then, the essence has undergone a shift toward sustainability. The brand has adopted Liquiform refillable vessels, that cuts down 92% of waste in disposal, to house the rejuvenating and restorative product.

On the product itself, she praises the essence for its effect in attaining renewed, healthy and clear skin. Shiseido has tapped onto ActiveRED Technology to create an original skin-conditioning ingredient, 4MSK, which pairs with Fermented Kefir and Yuzu extract to enhance the body’s natural canvas. “By keeping the skin’s radiance and clarity, I feel like I’m able to become more positive from within. As I always want to be inspired and elated, it is important for me to have a sustainable and personalised habit of Skin Restoration that is suited for me and my skin”.

Watch Hikari’s campaign here.