She Speaks In Colours Everywhere: Hermès Unveils Its Final Line Of Beauty With Le Regard, A Feast For The Eyes

Le Regard Hermès is a gesture of expression, a symphony of colour concocted for the eyes proving that beauty indeed within the gaze of the beholder
Le Regard Hermès, a new expression of beauty articulated through colour designed around the eyes. Credit: Nikki McClarron

“The Hermès woman observes the world with an active gaze. She is, above all, a woman who observes,” maintains Pierre-Alixis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermès.

The eye of the beholder, or more accurately, of the luxury fashion behemoth, does not articulate a lexicon of beauty through prose or waxing lyrics, but rather a gesture designed for self-expression. It is this curiosity that has shaped the luxuriate’s storied heritage and one that has now unfolded into a new chapter for Hermès Beauty; the final for the métier.

Hermès Beauty expands its ever-growing vocabulary with ‘Le Regard’, or ‘The Look’, a collection of colour-oriented makeup lines that centre around eyes; the windows to the soul. This instalment completes a fully realised colour vision for the Maison, with two lines of multi-faceted and high-octane colour stories through technically robust makeup products.

Le Regard Hermès. Credit: Robbie Lawrence

The objects in the Le Regard line include six unique four-pan powder palettes, Ombre d’Hermès, which encourages a contrast of shadows and light, and six intently-pigmented mascara, or, Trait d’Hermès. 

The gaze gives texture to what is real,” writes the house. “In a single glance, the eyes convey the proportion of shadow and light in a personality. Making up the eyes, revealing their radiance and accentuating the intensity of what is.”

This shared vision to create a comprehensive beauty portfolio is one that began in 2020, with Ombre d’Hermès and Trait d’Hermès joining the existing  Plein Air complexion balm, Rouge lipstick and Rose blush.

However, Le Regard supplants the emotive lens of the eyes as the pinnacle of ardour. The acme of a ‘look’ is one best conveyed with a single glance, and in this captivating connection, Le Regard gives the wearers the tools to colour their own world.

In Ombre d’Hermès, six eyeshadow quartets evoke the essence of nature intrinsic to the Maison’s design. Housed in a white and gold disk marked with the gilded ex-libris, colour symphonies like the floral ‘Pétales’, autumnal ‘Mordorées’ or richly aquatic ‘Marines’ are actualised to serve any creative odyssey.

Credit: Robbie Lawrence

Each formula is made up of at least 72% and up to 98% natural-origin ingredients, realised in matte, satin and shimmering finishes that intensifies or quells the gaze.

Trait d’Hermès is an eye-awakening mascara that slicks the lash and coats from root to tip. Accenting the vibrancy of the eyeshadow, the mascara offers six buildable shades that enrich and defines the eye’s existing expression.

Ranging from vivid blacks to hazy violet and signature cherry-brown rouge, the possibilities of a bold glance become endless.

Impact upon application is the Maison’s modus operandi, one that enhances the innate sumptuousness of the Hermès woman.

Credit: Robbie Lawrence

“Looking into someone’s eyes sparks a feeling of deep and peculiar intensity, as if intercepting a secret,” explains Hermès Beauty creative director Georgios Pyrpylis. What will you convey? A message of beauty, speaking in colours everywhere.

This article originally appeared on Grazia International