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Hermès Cabriole Is a Children’s Fragrance Made For Adults Too

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Also called an Eau de Senteur (French for scented water)Hermès Cabriole is made for children and well, adults with some sensitisation.

The first memory I had of a fragrance as a child, and like most of my industry friends who are ridiculously obsessed with them, was watching my parents do a customary spritz in the morning. What they don’t teach in parenting school, however, is that the sooner you indulge your children in something they are curious about, the fewer repercussions you will face as a parent when your brood grows up. My parents would know: they can’t go into my room without tripping over a perfume bottle with the odd risk of breaking it and slicing their feet open.

Enter Hermès Cabriole, a scent created by Christine Nagel who is the director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermès Parfums. Also known as scented water, the name of the fragrance was actually registered by the House as the name of a round bib. Get the reference? Ok, scroll down below for what it smells like.

In a non-alcohol, water-based formula, Hermès Cabriole is a fragrance of flowering honeysuckle, sweet osmanthus, and a soft creamy sandalwood; three notes of which are dispensed in a fine mist to minimise sensitivity on the delicate skin and hair of children. As for adults, it’s enjoyable too on hotter days when one’s existing stash of fragrances has too strong a sillage.

If one wants another fun fact about Hermès Cabriole, the word Cabriole translates to somersault or shenanigans; two things that one might spontaneously partake in with how happy this fragrance might make him. It’s available for purchase at Hermès Liat Towers, Hermès Marina Bay Sands, Hermès Takashimaya, Takashimaya Department Store, Tangs Department Store and