By Bryan Goh

GRAZIA’s Best Of Beauty: 10 Best New Products Of the Week

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As the local beauty industry slowly returns to its former glory with drops by the day, we have taken it into our hands to talk weekly about some of the best beauty launches. Some are noteworthy for their instant results, while others are special simply because they make us feel and look good. 

What do they all have in common though? They’ve been meticulously tested, intensively investigated and very much loved by us. 

Here, the top 10 beauty launches that landed on GRAZIA’s beauty desk or piqued our interest this week.

Pictured Above: 1. Laser Focus
If you’re familiar with how to use similar beauty products like the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules, these ones by AHC work the same. Twist its tip to open it up, spread the serum over your face, and press it in gently. It differs from others, however, because it contains a delivery system that ensures your skin is fully absorbing the serum instead of “sitting” on it. In more practical terms, it means you have no risk of staining your pillowcase or wasting product.  You can even apply leftovers on your hands or neck but if you do, remember to apply sunscreen on those parts.
AHC’s Youth Focus Intensive Night Capsule Serum, $79.90


One of the best things about Chanel’s Le Vernis products is that they’ve always been consistent in how quickly they dry and how much colour payoff they have. As for their latest shade 967 Watermelon, expect a bright orange coral that will see you through from summer to late autumn and as for its finishing, it’s a jelly-like one that beautifully reflects the light.
Chanel Le Vernis 967 Watermelon, $44


If your lips are looking dry after the application of lipstick or you want to give your lip makeup some dimension, the applicator of this product has been designed in a spoon shape to coat your twin set with a moisturising and glittering gel-cream with both effects lasting up to eight hours. If you’re worried too about it shifting or compromising your lipstick, we’re happy to say that this one layers beautifully even over the most matte of finishes without “breaking” up the colour. It comes in four shades too from Sparkles 301 that’s clear to Sparkles 304 pictured above that has a slight pink tint.
Clé de Peau Beauté Cream Rouge Sparkles, $80


Jung Beauty has always been in the business of formulating products that are as innovative as they are time-saving (take for example, their 7 Second Instant Nourish Water Treatment for the hair) and this sun serum is no different. Each use of this serum meets sunscreen (it contains a powerful blend of two chemical and physical ingredients) meets makeup primer delivers a blend of probiotics, niacinamide, and panthenol to soothe the skin and give it a natural glow. Best of all, it dries down without a white cast.
Jung Beauty Probiotics Sun Serum, $45


Think of this serum as a laser gun against dark spots and freckles where it identifies where they are within the skin and “fires” kojic acid towards it to turn them colourless and unable to darken in the future. With repeated use, you will notice visibly brighter skin but as with all acid products, using sunscreen in the morning is of utmost importance.
KOSÉ ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot, $74


The French brand mentions that the key ingredient in this product isn’t just the use of the immortelle flower with its rejuvenating and hydrating properties but instead, an immortelle superbomb which should give you an idea of how potent it is when it comes to its effects. Formulated more for oily to combination skin, you’ll experience instantly plumped and smoother skin that helps makeup go on more smoothly during application and if you’re consistent, expect tighter pores in less than two weeks.
L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Enriched Emulsion, $80


If you’ve always been wary of micro-needling the skin, Korean skincare brand NAIIAN’s version is a gentle way to start as its needles are at a gentle and non-painful length of 0.25mm. Its method of use makes it more user friendly too: pop the refill which contains hydrating, brightening, and firming ingredients into the roller, glide the product across the face and neck in vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements, and continue doing so until you notice the microneedles dissolve. It can also be used as a pre-event product if you’re in the mood to be extra as the product doesn’t cause redness.
NAIIAN Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Rolling System, $209


Like any of RATIONALE’s products that work across all climates and temperatures, their latest skin fluid does exactly the same where it holds up against tropical heat while protecting against the sun or keeping the skin hydrated and soothed in cold weather. This product, however, is more suited for days when wearing foundation or concealer feels too much as it has a light coverage that blurs minor imperfections. If you prefer something with heavier coverage, consider using this product as a makeup base for a glowy finish or a skin-correcting tint on days when your skin feels too sensitive.
RATIONALE Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30, $121


The three quintessential RE:ERTH ingredients that stimulate cell production and firm the skin up—patented Japanese Spring Turmeric, Japanese White Turmeric, and an oil and water-soluble Vitamin C called APPS—are still used in this serum but with the addition of Tasmanian Seaweed Extract, this is perhaps one of the brand’s most exciting products. Not only does the extract balance the skin’s microbiome, but it also improves the skin’s ability to repair itself against UV damage while stimulating immunity and protection from pathogens that cause fungal infections. In fact, you can consider it as a skincare Swiss Army knife no matter what problems you might be facing.
RE:ERTH Omni Serum, $116


The premise of using a toner is that for your skin to efficiently absorb serums, emulsions and creams after cleansing, it has to be properly prepped first. This toner does what a good one should do—removing all impurities, balancing the skin’s pH, and softening the skin—but it goes one step further by
cooling the skin down which in turn, reduces oiliness, soothes angry spots, and tightening the pore. It can also be decanted into a spritz bottle and toted around for use on hot days.
VALMONT Vital Falls, $134