By Bryan Goh

GRAZIA’s Best Of Beauty: 10 Best New Products Of the Week

As the local beauty industry slowly returns to its former glory with drops by the day, we have taken it into our hands to talk weekly about some of the best beauty launches. Some are noteworthy for their instant results, while others are special simply because they make us feel and look good. 

What do they all have in common though? They’ve been meticulously tested, intensively investigated and very much loved by us. 

Here, the top 10 beauty launches that landed on GRAZIA’s beauty desk this week.

Pictured Above: 1. Soft Serve
The Dior Les Adorable line (French for The Adorable but in reality, the packaging is chicer instead) has three products: a body cream, scrub, and gel ($162) where the last two impart a soft shimmer to the skin. Unlike other products that “stain” your hands and everything you eventually touch with shimmer, the formula in both products is quite transfer-resistant.

As for the body cream, a little goes a long way which makes this high-end product pleasingly economical.
Dior Les Adorables Body Cream ($162), Shimmering Body Gel ($130), and a Shimmering Body Scrub ($162)


In 2015, Cartier’s nose Mathilde Laurent created l’Heure Perdue—a sweet fragrance with a heart of vanilla—which was part of the Les Heures Voyageuses line. In 2023, she takes the bean on a new journey with Oud Vanillé that clashes oud and vanilla as its name suggests.

Lightly sweet, intoxicatingly spicy, and somewhat carnal if you spray it in hot weather, its sillage is strong too so just one spritz should suffice.
Cartier Oud Vanillé, $490 for 75ml


Homegrown brand Dermalab has always stressed that your skin is only at its healthiest (and most well-behaved in fact) if it’s optimally hydrated. And, its latest product takes the guesswork of what will work best for your skin with an ingredient called 5KDA Hyaluronic Acid which is the lowest molecular weight of the hydrating superpower.

For an even heavier hydrating effect, we recommend layering this over damp skin post-shower or post-spritz of a hydrating mist.
Dermalab 5KDA Hyaluronic Intensifying Serum, $59.90


Diptyque’s City Candles collection has always been a collector’s item and the fact that they were only available in their respective cities made them even more of a beauty holy grail (you might even have seen enterprising travellers doing group orders for them on Carousell). This year however, all 11 of them from Tokyo to Shanghai, and a new one inspired by Seoul, will be available at the diptyque Boutique and Takashimaya S.C.
Diptyque City Candles, $126 for 190g


The genius of most of Fenty Skin’s products is that they’re always easy to get the formula out of it even if your nail gram is strong like Rihanna’s (also why we suspect they’re designed as so). The Thicc n Smooth Rich Peptide Eye Cream is no different with a twist mechanism that dispenses the right amount of product: one that brightens the underage with caffeine and Persian silk tree and hydrates with fatty acids and illipe butter.

Interestingly, the product is fragrance-free too which is a huge bonus as the under eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the face as the skin around it is thinner.
Fenty Skin Thicc N Smooth Rich Peptide Eye Cream, $61


Lancôme’s Idôle Lancôme is a romantic spring morning in a bottle: think of it as a soft and creamy marshmallow mist with an initial burst of sweet pear and sensual rose. On dry down, however, it takes on a more mature vibe with nuances of jasmine and a white musk base.

And according to a colleague who tried it, it’s also surprisingly versatile as it’s office friendly but smells good too into the night. Just make sure to top up as the day passes or spray it instead on your clothes as its sillage is slightly soft.
Lancôme’s Idôle Lancôme, $141


Marc Jacobs seems to be on a trip back to the noughts with his fashion line and as for his latest fragrance called Perfect Eau de Toilette (also, a flanker to the Eau de Perfume and Intense version), it hits the right notes of the perfumes we loved in that era. It starts off with a fruity and tart-like burst, dries down to a sparkling floral and woody finish, and when left on the skin for longer, takes on an expensive soap-like vibe that we all loved with our perfumes.

Its kitschy bottle too might put a smile on your face if you remember his famous Marc by Marc Jacobs line!
Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette, $185 for 100ml


Newly launched local skincare label Modules is one that allows you to fully customise skincare products with prescription treatment formula but if you’re someone who just wants to buy an elegantly formulated cleanser, this one will fit the bill. It cleanses up oil, dirt, and grime without drying the skin out and because its pH level is at a skin-respecting five, expect no sensitivity.

Also, it contains niacinamide that can help to soothe itchy or inflamed patches of the skin that comes with eczema, acne, or rosacea.
Modules 3% Niacinamide Cleanser, $29


Skin Inc has always pioneered the act of skipcare by mixing your products together like you’re baking and their Skin Saviour Dose – Clarify Kit is the best example of their philosophy. Inject a couple of drops from the Serum Booster containing niacinamide and salicylic acid (the latter is calibrated to work as quickly as possible) into the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask and next, apply it before going to sleep.

Your sleep, however, can literally be called beauty sleep: expect brighter, smoother, and tighter skin within 28 days of use.
Skin Inc Skin Saviour Dose – Clarify Kit, $88


How the Tom Ford Liquid Lip Luxe Matte differs from other lipsticks that promise the same effect is that you have to try it out for yourself where you’ll notice a non-crusty feeling when you purse your lips together which comes from a nourishing black rose extract. As for its longevity, it lasts up to 12 hours while remaining crease-resistant provided you prep your lips properly first with a scrub and balm.
Tom Ford Liquid Lip Luxe Matte, $77