GRAZIA’S Best Of Beauty: 10 Best New Products Of The Week

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As the local beauty industry slowly returns to its former glory with drops by the day, we have taken it into our hands to talk weekly about some of the best beauty launches. Some are noteworthy for their instant results, while others are special simply because they make us feel and look good. 

Here, the top 10 beauty launches that landed on GRAZIA’s beauty desk or piqued our interest this week.

Pictured Above: 1. Perfect Pout
A lipstick that provides incredible colour payoff with one swipe, a matte look that blurs out lines without dryness, and a formula that hydrates for up to 24 hours with hyaluronic acid? The genius that is Aunty Charlotte’s mind. However, a lip balm is recommended prior to you using it like with all matte lipsticks.
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur, $51


Alexander Mcqueen has finally entered the homeware space and these three eggs—the sweet peony and earthy patchouli of Ghost Flower, creamy rose and dark peat of Pagan Rose, and carnal tuberose and sensual oud of Savage Bloom—are not just desirable because of their scents and formula (black mineral waxes and rapeseed ensure a completely clean burn)—think of them as unique home decoration objects when you’re done.
Alexander Mcqueen Candles, $650

3. Sweet Treat

With four names that suggest how tasty they are like Bergamotte de Bahia (lime and bergamot) and Mangue de Tamil Nadu (sweet Indian mango), don’t fret if you’re a chronic lip licker as the formula of these lip balms is made of 100% natural origin ingredients that are conditioning in the cushiest way possible.
Byredo Flavoured Lip Balm, $82

4. In the Buff

A light exfoliating session with this shower milk that contains superfine exfoliating grains suspended within a creamy milk formula guarantees you smoother skin post-shower. And if its floral notes that are derived from Miss Dior don’t delight you, what will? Perhaps, its beautiful houndstooth pattern set upon Dior’s iconic pastel pink might.
Dior Beauty Miss Dior Rose Granita Shower Milk, $86


If body creams feel too goopy for you, look towards this serum instead that has the potency of a cream with ingredients like brown algae extract for collagen synthesis, biossacharides for suppleness, and a complex that stimulates skin repair. Pro tip: apply it post-shower when your skin is still damp for maximum absorption.
Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Body Serum, $330

6. Skin Deep

If you’ve been noticing dark spots that don’t seem to fade despite your best efforts, consider using this serum that combines a highly stabilised vitamin C and Jeju Green Tea Enzyme that eliminates invisible melanin within the skin. It’s non-sensitising too which makes it friendly to sensitive, acne-prone skin.
Innisfree Vitamin C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum, $50

7. Hit Refresh

One gentle spritz of this mist reduces redness and refreshes makeup that has caked, especially around the nose and smile lines. Pro tip: spritz it as you layer your base makeup and press it onto the skin with either a sponge or a brush for full sebum control which is another benefit this product has.
Kose Infinity Refresh Foggy Mist, $38

8. Starter Set

From the salty-creaminess of Rose Saltifolia (like its name suggests, it has rose and salt notes) to the woody heat of Santal Volcanique, this is a beautiful way to start exploring the offerings of the French perfume House (just make sure you don’t Google them prior as the delight is in the surprise). It’s cost-effective too as despite each sample measuring at just 1.5 ml, just one spritz lasts and lasts. Expect up to eight hours of wear.
Maison Crivelli EDP Discovery Set, $58

9. Glow Getter

Like its Afterglow siblings, the finish of this conditioning and plumping lipstick gives your lips a candle-lit glow that has dimension under any lighting (read: kissable lips). As for its colour payoff, one swipe gives a noticeable change in tint but its formula is so lightweight that you can go ahead to swipe till you get the opacity you desire.
NARS Afterglow Sensual Shine Lipstick, $44

10. Body Conscious

How does the body version of the Unseen Sunscreen differ from the face one? It has a more liquid formula courtesy of gel that easily spreads on the skin ensuring that all parts of you are properly covered with sun protection, hydration, and a slight glow. If you’re an especially light packer, this works too on the face.
Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen Body SPF40, $68