By Joseph Low

Cartier Brings Nature to Our Home with Les Écrins Parfumés

The beauty of nature, encapsulated in a scented candle, makes the perfect gift for the upcoming year.
Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

Cartier has got the perfect scented candles to accompany you through the new year. More than a treat for the olfactory senses, these Écrins Parfumés candles also serve as chic objets d’art that instantly elevate any living space. A celebration of the art of fine objects, which Cartier is most known for apart from its jewellery-making savoir-faire, the Maison also puts the spotlight on its perfumery division.

Created by Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, the quartet of scented candles aims to invoke a sense of relaxation, escapism and dreaminess. “Four candles designed by Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent that are capable of conjuring up a landscape and a sense of vastness, while also connecting us to nature,” Cartier shares in a press release.

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Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

“Through smoke, the origin of perfume, I wanted to offer the possibility to create amazing landscapes, real or imaginary, at home. By lighting the Écrins Parfumés, we can rediscover the joy of moments spent in nature and invite everyone to enter into this unexplored sensory world of fragrance,” explains Laurent on the intent behind the collection.

The wax component of the candle is housed in a porcelain casing and features Cartier’s emblematic red hue. Its shape is also modelled after its iconic gift boxes, and you will also see its garland motif surrounding the name of each candle. Coming in four scents: Pétales (Petals), Désert (Desert), Canopée (Canopy) and Neige (Snow); while each candle exudes a distinct fragrance, the through line of the collection is its nod to the beauty of nature.

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Captures a meadow filled with thousands of flowers, a floral explosion for the senses and a bouquet as vast as a field that has its scents wafted by the fresh morning ennoble the perfumes.


The image of endless dunes warmed by the sun’s rays. A sea of sand traversed by a slow, soft and warm amber breeze.


The feeling of soaring high above the treetops. A fresh and vibrant expanse of green woodland with a rich, varied and complex aroma carried by the fresh wind.


The discovery of a snowy white immenseness atop which the sun diffracts its rays, bathing the landscape in a soft pinkish glow, shrouded with frosty, ozone, fresh, crystalline and musky notes.

When lighting each candle individually or in combination with the others, the aromatic notes blend flawlessly to conjure a poetic dreamscape. “Freshness, warmth, greenness, softness, lightness: everything blends together, everything is possible and new.”

XL matches, a panther lighter or Diabolo de Cartier candle holders complement this olfactory delight.

Canopée, Désert and Pétales will launch in February 2023 while Neige will be released at a later date. Get the candles in stores or online here.

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